Once the tea bag is used, it is known as useless; this is the mentality of the people. To relish the use of used tea bags is the best way to reuse the used material. For this purpose, the following are some genius techniques that you can do with used tea bags: 

Dye Paper and Cloth:  

You can use the used tea bags to turn your plain white paper into a parchment. It can also be used to dye white cloth with the help of various shades of brewed tea bags. 

 Condition Your Hair:  

The use of weak tea with used tea bags after your shampoo helps to nourish and condition your hair. This nourishment of hair helps to provide a shine to your hair. 

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Uses Of Used Tea Bags - Best Seller Of The Week - getreviewsof.com

 Homemade Glass Cleaner:  

Take a spray bottle of water and add tea bags to it. Spray the solution on the glass of windows and mirrors that will loosen the dirt and remove the fingerprints on the glass. Make sure that you clean the solution with a clean cloth and this will minimize the dust particles. 

Eradicate Bad Breath:  

The use of dried tea leaves as to mouth freshener helps to eliminate the bad breath causing germs. It can be used with other ingredients like peppermint and green tea bags.  

 Reduces Inflammation:  

The use of refrigerated tea bags on the irritation causing skin helps to reduce the redness and discomfort due to inflammation. Massage of used tea bags under eye also helps to reduce soreness and puffiness. It can be used for speed healing of the discomfort tissues.  

Removes Grease from Dirty Dishes:  

To remove grease from the dirty dishes, soak them in the warm water with use teas bags in it. This soaking technique helps to remove grease easily without the use of harsh chemicals and scrubbing the dishes with hand. It also helps to remove the food stuck on the dishes. 

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Uses Of Used Tea Bags - Best Seller Of The Week - getreviewsof.com

 DIY Air Freshener:  

Take dry used tea bags and add few drops of essential fragrance spreading oil to it. With the help of string built in the tea bags hang them in the room. Once the oil gets drained away, again add a few drops to it and this refreshes the tea bags. 

Clean Carpets and Rugs:  

Take a cup of water and put the used tea bags in it and store it in the refrigerator. So that it does not get spoiled. Use this refrigerated tea bags to clean the carpets and deodorize your floor. For rugs, you can use the dry leaves of the used tea bags that are slightly damp. Spread the leaves all over the rugs and carpet and let them dry. Once the leaves are dried, vacuum up all the leaves. 

 Neutralize Household Odors:  

You can use used tea bags to neutralize the odors in the house.  The following are some uses of the used tea bags to neutralize household odors: 

  • Take dried used tea leaves and mix them with cat litter. 
  • Store the tea bags in the refrigerator to keep them fresh.  
  • Put some dry tea bags in the trash bin to remove bad smells due to spoiled foodstuffs. 

Thus, above are some of the unique ideas that will help you to make out the best out of the wasted used tea bags. The used tea bags can also be used to make brewed strong tea, flavors to pista and grains, feed for garden, etc.  

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Uses Of Used Tea Bags - Best Seller Of The Week - getreviewsof.com

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