The human body encounters a number of health issues that affect the various body functions that take place. Some issues exist in your body but cause no visible harm, while others take a toll on you. Among the many external health issues you might face, some are caused due to internal damage. It is hard to detect any internal damage in your body. Generally, to detect these conditions certain clinical tests are conducted. 

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Symptoms Of Liver Problems - Best Seller Of The Week -

Functions of the liver: 

The liver is one of the vital organs in the human body. It performs various functions like synthesizing proteins, bile, glycogen and blood clotting factors. But as the liver performs so many functions, it is also susceptible to a variety of diseases. These include infections and also damaging. A major function of the liver is to synthesize glycogen. Glycogens are compounds that work as energy packets in the body. The process of synthesizing glycogen is assisted by the class of enzymes called as aminotransferases. This process generally takes place when there is excess sugar in your system. These carbs that are present in excess are converted to glycogen which is stored primarily in the liver. Also, fewer portions of these energy packets are stored in the skeletal muscles and other organs.  

Symptoms of Liver conditions: 

The liver performs a number of functions that keep your body running. Some of the conditions that may plague your liver can hinder its effectiveness. It might show the following signs: 

  • Confusion:

    As the liver may not be able to regulate the levels of ammonia in the body, it might result in brain dysfunction. This phenomenon is known as encephalopathy. It causes confusion. 

  • Weight loss:

    Your body is unable to utilize the nutrients from the diet you consume. This might happen because of your metabolism being hindered. Therefore, digestion is not proper. 

  • Weariness:

    The inability of your liver to manufacture proteins due to the damage caused leads to you getting tired easily. You might feel dull and weary with a liver condition.  

  • Abdominal pain:

    The swelling of your liver might cause an uncomfortable feeling. In worse conditions, it can also lead to inflammation and severe pain. 

  • Swelling in abdominal organs:

    Fluid accumulation may occur due to the inability to produce adequate amounts of albumin by the liver. 

  • Jaundice:

    Due to the hindering of the processes in the liver, it might not be able to get rid of the bilirubin in the body. Thus, the high levels of bilirubin result in jaundice. 

Elevated liver enzymes: 

As the saying goes, a disease is known as a disease half-cured. It is better to be aware of any medical condition that you might be going through.  Also, the issues related to the liver are harder to detect as compared to the other issues that the body encounters. Therefore, to detect the issues concerning your liver, a blood test is advisable. The enzymes secreted by the liver cells are detected in the bloodstream if the cells are damaged. Thus, this is an effective way to know whether your liver is functioning well.

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Symptoms Of Liver Problems - Best Seller Of The Week -

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