Studies have shown that eating small frequent meals throughout the day greatly helps in losing weight. The South beach diet follows the same principle of weight management. South beach diet, named after the happening city of Miami, is a low carb, high protein dietary regime. What makes this weight loss diet different from other fad diets, is that it involves eating 6 meals a day. This may sound mind-boggling, however, following this meal plan for eating small meals every 2-3 hours is the secret to weight loss. The diet is thoughtfully designed to be a perfect mix of lean proteins, healthy fats, fruits, vegetables, and good carbs. This weight management diet is becoming increasingly popular as it does not encourage its users to starve, but rather eat food and lose weight. 

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Benefits Of The South Beach Diet 

The major benefit of this dietary regime is that you can enjoy a meal at your favorite restaurant and still lose weight. However, apart from this, you can enjoy a lot of other benefits: 

  • It has no artificial flavors or sweeteners 
  • Accelerates rapid weight loss 
  • Improves metabolism and stamina 
  • Promotes healthy eating habits 
  • Improves blood cholesterol levels 
  • You can also lose up to 7 lbs in 7 days 
  • Easy to follow 
  • Helps with type 2 diabetes 
  • Flexible 
  • Regulates blood sugar level 

How Does The South Beach Diet work? 

This weight management diet is known to work in phases. 

PHASE 1: The main purpose of phase 1 is to get rid of any cravings for sugary items and refined starches. It is extremely important to cut down carbohydrate-rich food from your diet. Fruit juice or any form of alcoholic beverages are to be avoided as well. The main focus must be on eating lean fish and other seafood, that are packed with essential nutrients and vitamins. Other lean proteins like skinless poultry, soy products, and even beef are more than welcome in this diet. High fiber vegetables, low-fat dairy, and healthy unsaturated fats are other examples of what you must consume on this diet. 

PHASE 2: Slow and steady wins the race. This diet is a long-term weight loss process but the results last for longer as well. In this phase, the foods that you had to avoid in the beginning, you again start including them in your diet. Examples of foods that you can have in this phase are whole-wheat pasta, whole-grain bread, fruits, brown rice, vegetables, etc. this phase continues until most people reach their goal weight. 

PHASE 3: This is the phase that encourages healthy eating habits and weight management. Nevertheless, it is important to keep in mind the lifestyle choices you made in the first two phases. The only rule in this phase is to eat everything in moderation. 

The main goal of the South Beach Diet is to not follow other fad diets. You are making an informed lifestyle choice when following this diet. It not only aims at losing weight but also encourages a healthy lifestyle and improved eating habits. 

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South Beach Diet - Best Seller Of The Week -

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