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The South Beach diet is a popular weight loss diet which involves eating smaller meals at frequent intervals throughout the day. South beach diet, which is named after the busy city of Miami, is a low-carb and high-protein diet. The diet is well planned and designed to include well-balanced diet plans that will keep you energized and active all day long. What makes this weight loss diet different from other popular fad diets is that you don’t have to starve to lose weight. This diet allows you to have 6 meals a day, that is every two hours and still lose weight. 

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South Beach Diet Reviews - Best Seller Of The Week -

How Does The South Beach Diet Work? 

This weight loss diet works in phases. 

PHASE 1 is about getting rid of food cravings. Phase 1 is the strictest phase and involves eating a lot of, 

  • Lean protein, beef, eggs, seafood, and other poultry 
  • Canola oil, avocado, extra virgin olive oil 
  • High fiber vegetables like eggplant, broccoli, tomatoes, spinach  
  • Low-fat dairy 
  • You need to steer clear of, 
  • Canned and packaged Fruit juices  
  • Alcoholic beverages 
  • Starchy foods 

PHASE 2 is when you are reintroduced back to healthy carbs like whole wheat pasta, whole-grain bread, fruit etc. This is the phase where you start losing weight. People are recommended to follow this phase until you reach your goal weight. 

PHASE 3 is the phase that encourages healthy eating habits as a lifestyle change. There is no strict food list you have to follow in this phase and can also afford to overindulge in your guilty pleasures from time to time. If the cravings get out of hand then you are recommended to go back to Phase 1 or 2. 

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South Beach Diet Reviews - Best Seller Of The Week -

Reviews By Health Experts 

Renowned doctors around the world have recommended the South Beach Diet for weight loss. It is well known not only for its increasing popularity but also because of its non-restrictive nature. Most fad diets have a long list of dietary restrictions. This diet, on the other hand, works in three simple phases to get you to your dream shape. The first phase starts rough and you are, as a matter of fact,  following a no carb, high protein diet. As the phases increase, the level of rigidity decreases. Phase 2 welcomes low carb meal options and the third phase lets you enjoy most meals but in moderation. This weight management diet is an excellent way to lose weight in a fast, simple and easy way. 


Rachael Adams 

I am a mother of two kids and had a bad fall at a marathon I ran a few months back. The surgery was minor but left me bedridden for quite a while, between that and the absence of physical activities I had put on a lot of weight in no time.  

I had put off the thought of getting back in shape until my sister introduced me to the South Beach Diet. This diet is not at all restrictive like the past diets I have been on, and the great thing is I don’t have to stay off of my favorite meals. The dietary regime fits right into my schedule and has helped me lose weight only in a matter of months.   

Gwyneth Scott 

I was a college graduate who had long study hours and very little free time off my schedule. Amongst the never-ending pile of assignments and due essays I never got the time to be physically active or eat healthily. This was until I realized that I couldn’t fit into my favorite dress anymore. I decided to try my luck with the South Beach Diet and it worked wonders for me. The best part about this dietary regime is that it doesn’t feel like one. It is more of a lifestyle change and I am proud of my new lean body and healthy eating habits. I rock my favorite dress with much more confidence now! 

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