Lose Weight The South Way.

We come across innumerable diet suggestions throughout our lives. All of us are conscious of our weight or packets of fats that we would love to get rid of from our bodies. We start with many but do not find our way across the end of it. Only because sometimes we are low on energy and others we just don’t know what to do after reaching halfway through it.  

But here is a diet plan set for you by cardiologist Agatston, M.D. His diet plan is all about eating healthy. Instead of not eating at all. He says that it’s about choosing the right carbs and fats. Instead of losing carbs and fats. The South Beach diet which was originally known as the modified carbohydrate diet. 

The diet gives importance to eating foods rich with nutrients and fiber. It keeps your cravings in check, accelerates your weight loss process as well as stops all that flubber from having a rebound. Thousands of [people from the South Beach and Atkins have tried this method getting the results that changed their ways to a healthy life. 

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The Technique: 

This diet consists of three phases that give you a detailed plan for your weight loss. And stops those fats from coming back. This diet plan counts no calories or grams, carbs or anything else. You are allowed to have large sized meals and two small snacks in a day. This takes care of the energy flow in the body. 

Phase 1: Body Reboot. 

This is a very restricted phase that only allows lean proteins such as beef, seafood, eggs, and cheese. monosaturated fats like extra virgin olive oil, avocado, and canola oil. Carbs with the lowest glycemic index like broccoli, tomato, spinach, and eggplant. 

Dairy products, fruits, and juice, starchy foods and alcohols are strictly prohibited. 

There is an aim for thirteen pounds to be lost in two weeks in this phase according to the NHS. 

Phase 2: Steady Weight Loss. 

It begins on or around day fifteen. In this phase, you will gradually introduce good carbs such as fruits, brown rice, whole wheat pasta and whole grain bread in your diet. With the menu used in the first phase. you can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week during this phase. A glass of alcohol each week can also be overlooked. You have to stay at this phase until you reach your desired weight. 

Phase 3: The maintenance. 

This tells you a way to keep your beloved weight the way it is for all your life by eating healthy. In this phase, you are allowed to eat whatever you wish to as you would have learned to eat healthily. If you get indulged in your cravings you can go back to phase 1 or 2 to lose the unhealthy parts. 

You are also recommended to exercise along with the diet as it would only help you with your weight loss. 

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South Beach Diet Recipes - Best Seller Of The Week - Getreviewsof.com

The Benefits:  

There are many other diets that claim to have your weight reduced in no time. But all that happens is that you gain more than you lose. And this is definitely not good when it comes to your weight. once you start with the South Beach diet, within a period of one week you lose a lot of weight. It will also help you keep yourself healthy. This diet also helps you to maintain your weight once you have achieved it. Helps you get all the good and necessary nutrients to your body and remove the unhealthy carbs and bad fats from your body. 

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South Beach Diet Recipes - Best Seller Of The Week - Getreviewsof.com

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