Skin Tags On Dogs

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Doggo’s Self Care Routine Is A Must! 

Dog grooming is as important as human grooming. Care is the most essential part of a well-functioning life. No matter what breed your dog is, you must not compromise on its cuteness.

As your dog grows older, other than his potty training, there are a lot many things to be balanced. You might need to have a closer look at your puppy’s behavioral traits and the pattern you have recorded in your observations.

If you notice scratching and movement hinderance in your dog, something must be unusual with it. This is when you should start looking around for the problem rather than reprimanding it. There are high chances your dog might have developed skin tags on his body. 

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What Are Skin Tags? 

Skin Tags are known as benign which means not a dangerous tumor. In other words, skin tags are the non-cancerous tumors caused by the extra skin growth of the body. Such tags usually look like a sprout from a narrow stalk hanging off the skin.

They are generally flesh-colored excess skin growth. They are also called cutaneous tags or acrochordons. These are the soft growths which appear near your pups near face, neck, eyelids, near the mouth.  

Skin tags grow on dog’s eyelids much faster than any other body part. Such skin tag removal is sensitive and risky to be handled all alone. These conditions must be registered to the veterinarian as soon as possible.

These are not usually painful to dogs but can cause mild irritation to them. For that, you must record how your dog feels about the tag. Therefore, you must check whether he scratches the tag area or not. 

Causes Of Skin Tags: 

Skin Tags generally cause due to the trapping of clusters of collagens with blood vessels inside thicker pieces of skin. It is mainly caused due to skin rubbing against the skin which causes friction.

Friction causes more irritation and your dog might become a little grumpy. There are several factors which contribute to the growth of skin tags in dogs. 

  • Environmental Factors: A bad environment consist of bacteria, viruses and harmful germs which may affect your dog’s skin for a longer period. Air becomes toxic when it contains pesticides and other harmful chemical. Such elements are also found in the acidic soil. 
  • Bad Nutrition: Poorly nutritious meals make your dog’s gut unstable and irregular. The unhealthy internal system results in improper digestive and excretory system. Untimely meals lead to rashes, dryness and weak immune system. 
  • Ill-fitting collar: There are pet owners who like to keep a collar on their dog’s neck but fail to realize the actual fitting. Such bad fitting collars can cause skin rashes, skin burns, bruises, and other infections. 

Symptoms To Be Checked Regarding Skin Tags on Dogs: 

While dealing with skin tags, you must check for the following symptoms on your pup’s skin. 

  • Bleeding or discharge 
  • Development or growth around mouths or lips 
  • Itching or irritation 
  • Change in size, color or shape of the skin tags  
  • Skin Tags being rubbed or scratched repeatedly  
  • Thickening of the base of the skin tag or ulceration 

Myths Busted! 

  1. Skin tags are not contagious: There was a wide spread of the rumor that skin tags spread from one to another. This point will clarify this major doubt that skin tags do not pass on from one animal to the other. You can touch it unless it is oozing with pus. 
  2. Skin tags are not skin cancer: Skin tags are certainly not skin cancer. A bump certainly does not qualify as any cancer tumor. Skin tags are simply benign and painless. 
  3. These are not warts: Warts grow back after once removed. Skin tags do not grow back after removal and are soft and tiny, unlike warts. 

Skin Tumors Likely To Be Found: 

  • Lipomas: Lipomas are a kind of fatty tumors formed by the deposits of fatty layers which grow beneath the skin and fur. These form as the body and its standard filtration systems deteriorate or worsen due to the excessive toxin intake. Lipomas are generally caused by the contents of the food preservatives and medications. Also, traces of chlorine found in water affect the formation of lipomas. These tumors can affect your dog’s kidneys or pancreas.  
  • Mast Cell Tumors: These cells are a part of the immune system, which helps in combating the allergies and other viral infections. Mast cell tumors also assist in the healing process. These tumors can appear anywhere on a dog’s body. Like genitals, lower body, legs. 

Treatments For Skin Tags on Dogs: 

It might be tempting for you to remove your pup’s skin tag yourself, but it might eventually hurt it. Snipping off the skin tag may cause an injury in your pup’s body as the skin tag is a part of its body.

Cutting it off will result in an open wound which can result from bleeding and infection. For these reasons, you need to use the right equipment and medication before performing such procedures on your dogs. 

In case the skin tag is located in an even more sensitive area such as the mouth or the eyelid removing it can make it more complicated. Hence, in such situations, it is recommended you take your pet to your vet for the proper surgical method. You may even come out now that the skin tag need not be removed from your dog’s body 


Even if you do find a skin tag on your dog, there is no need to panic or worry about it as skin tags are not harmful to your dog. However, this does not mean that they may not irritate or interfere with your dog’s movements. If you see any such skin tumors, skin tags, it is advisable for you to visit your veterinarian soon.

If it bothers your dog too much, first calm your dog and then take him to the vet’s place. You must see to it that your dog does not scratch the tag. If he does scratch the tag, then it indicates his irritation caused by the skin tags. 

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