It’s a dream of every girl to look young and beautiful even after the 30s. Aging is a natural process we cannot stop it but at least we can delay the process by using some simple methods given in this article. Main symptoms of aging is wrinkles and fine lines. But not only aging caused wrinkles, but there are also a number of causes which can cause skin damage, fine lines, black spots, age spots etc. Sun exposure which causes tanning, one of the symptoms of skin damage. It’s never late to halt this process and get a solution.  


Sunscreens: First thing that flashes your mind when you see sunscreen is high quality, expensive, branded cosmetics isn’t it?. But here we are talking about sunscreen which increases your skin’s item SPF. 

Antioxidants found in tomatoes helps to increase lycopene, your skin’s SPF. Orange fruit and other vegetables can also boost your sun protection. Green and dark chocolates can also help. 

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Simple Tips For Anti Aging- Best Seller Of The Week -

Work It Out: Working out does not means going to the gym or else spending more time in extra classes for workouts. It can be even done at home. Brisk walking or jogging in the morning is the best workout. If possible and if you get time to do some basic exercises like squats, lunges, push-ups, crunches, etc. 

They will help you to stay stronger and active. Exercising helps to release the compound called IL 15 from your body, which prevents cell deaths. 

This helps to prevent your skin cell death and also helps to keep you younger and attain glowing skin without any chemical used expensive artificial cream.  

Facial Massage: It hardly takes 5 to 6 minutes to massage your face. You can massage your face with aloe vera gel, coconut oil, argan, lavender and even with almond oil. Wash your face before you massage it.  

Massaging your face every day before sleep will help your facial muscle to gain and retain their elasticity. It also prevents the degeneration of the tissues and which will help to retain the plumpness in your face. 

Yoga and Beauty Sleep: Your face retains the elasticity when it moves. If you don’t exercise your facial muscle it can slacken. Yoga will help you to move your face muscle and decrease the chances of wrinkle and fine line formation. The more you move, the more they retain the suppleness and elasticity.  

Your body, as well as the mind, needs rest. Problems like dark circles, dark spots, are mainly caused due to lack of sleep. Your skin repairs itself while you sleep and your old skin cells are replaced by the new ones. 

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Simple Tips For Anti Aging- Best Seller Of The Week -

Diet And Water: Having a proper diet and maintaining it is not a job or doing it for sake. It is a lifestyle which you have to follow for a healthy life. Intake of more pulses and leafy vegetables can help your body as well as skin to maintain it’s glow. 

Tomatoes, lemon, orange contains high-level antioxidants which will help your skin to glow as well as help your skin to lock its collagen and elastic fibers.  

Staying hydrated is as important as maintaining your diet. A person should have minimum 2 to 3 liters a day. You should have 8 to 10 glass of water and also can add fresh juices to your diet.  

These are some of the simple steps from which you can delay your aging process.  

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Simple Tips For Anti Aging- Best Seller Of The Week -

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Simple Tips For Anti Aging