Nowadays one of the most famous and most used aphrodisiacs in the world is Muira Pauma. In Brazil, it is used as a treatment for potency and it is also one of the most famous ingredients among leading natural male enhancement supplements. Let’s see what makes this composition so great and how does it work.   

What Is Muira Puama?

It is a native Brazilian Amazon small tree and the tonic is made from its branches and roots. From that tonic, they make medicine to treat potency in men and it is also used to treating beriberi, paralysis, rheumatism and GI problems. 

Muira Puama As A Male Enhancement Ingredient

This is a very famous component and it is used to treat cure many problems since 1930 in its native land and also in Europe. It is also known as the herbal viagra mostly it is known for treating erectile dysfunction. 

It has been reported that over 51% of users have experienced noticeable improvements with respect to curing ED. 

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Reviews Of Muira Puama - Best Seller Of The Week -

Other Notable Effects: 

Muira Pauma is been used frequently by many people around the world and they are using it and they have not noticed any harmful side effect and there are no record of people not recommending it to anyone for not using 

Scientific Studies:

There is much research has been done on Muira Pauma and researchers have found out it is more than just an aphrodisiac and it is far better than other synthetic drugs. Here are some of the examples of the researches: 

Nerve Regeneration: 

Muira Pauma does not directly cause the growth of the nerve but after many test scientists have come to the decision that it may make nerve grow. 

Acetylcholine Inhibitor: 

After studies, it has been proven that Muira Pauma has acetylcholinesterase inhibiting properties present in it. It is a chemical that transmits the message to the nerve. 

Relieving Anxiety and Stress: 

Muira Pauma is very effective for reducing stress and anxiety and that has been proven after doing many stress tests. If the dosage is between 100 to 300 mg/kg then it can easily beat common stress and anxiety-relieving drug. And during these tests, they have noticed that 100mg/kg of Muira Pauma can grow glycemia and destroy stress and that was not a case for imipramine. 

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Reviews Of Muira Puama - Best Seller Of The Week -

Learn Aid: 

During one of the tests, there was a temporary effect of improved in memory acquisition and consolidation with 50-100 mg/kg injection of Muira Pauma is one of the most commonly found ingredients in the leading male enhancement supplements. Here is what makes it the “Viagra Of Amazon”. these results were transformed by an oral dose of 800 mg/kg. these results can be replicated for long-term benefits. 

Ant-Depressing Properties: 

According to studies Muira Puama may have some effects on the anti-depression, however, some deeper studies need to be done to confirm its effects on an average human. 


Studies have shown that anti-oxidative properties of the brain can be reduced with the injection of 100 mg/kg Muira Puama. 

This is a very natural powerful substance and the side effects of this extract have not been found yet.  

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Reviews Of Muira Puama - Best Seller Of The Week -


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