Why Should You Use Argan Oil? 

Argan oil is extracted from the kernels of the Argan tree. The Argan tree is a native plant of Morocco. This oil is also called “liquid gold” for its various healing properties. It helps in repairing all the long-term skin and hair issues. 

The natural essence of argan oil is rich in vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. It is used as an ingredient in many cosmetic products and renews body cells that occur with age naturally. 

Where Can You Find Argan Oil? 

This oil is extracted from Argan trees in Morocco which is considered as a salient ingredient in the cosmetic world.  

It is extremely rich in vitamins, minerals, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which helps to promote healthy skin and hair. 

This oil can be found in only a few selected stores and websites. Please do your research before ordering it online as there are many fake websites that sell duplicates. 

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Ingredients Of Argan Oil: 

Vitamin A: 

It is a strong antioxidant. This antioxidant helps reduce inflammation and renews skin cells. It promotes healthy looking skin by fighting free radical and oxidation. 

Vitamin E: 

It helps prevent heart diseases by maintaining neurological processes and organ functioning. 

Omega 3/ 6 Fatty Acids: 

It protects your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays to maintain a healthy and flawless skin. 

Linoleic Acid: 

Your body does not produce this acid. Therefore, you need this supplement to provide what your body lacks. It is a colorless polyunsaturated fatty acid which is derived from olive oil. 

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How Argan Oil Affects Your Body In A Good Way? 

This oil is highly recommended by beauticians and celebrities. It has the properties of healing skin and hair with its natural techniques. 

Skin Benefits: 

Skin Infections: 

This oil soothes skin and prevents rashes and allergies. 

Even Skin Tone: 

It helps to remove dark spots and under eye bags. It naturally provides with an even skin tone. 


Collagen and elastin help the skin to naturally prevent premature aging. This oil helps to penetrate and reverse these effects. 


Applying this oil helps to remove any acne scars and removes it from the roots.  

Stretch Marks: 

Vitamin A and Vitamin E are two ingredients that help you to stop the growth of stretch marks. 


Apply this oil for a glowy and dewy looking skin. It will provide your skin with all the essential nutrients that your skin needs to look radiant and flawless. 

Hair Benefits: 


This oil will protect your hair against frizz caused by heating tools. You can use it as a conditioner for smooth and silky hair. 

Repairs Split Ends: 

Split ends occur when your hair does not get enough care that it needs. Apply Argan oil at night and leave it like that. Go to sleep.  It will eventually reduce the number of splits ends with all the nourishment that is provided. 

Hair Growth: 

Apply this oil overnight and wash your hair thoroughly in the morning without leaving any trace of the oil. This will help in the stimulating hair growth so that you get gorgeous and long hair that you can flip over all the people’s faces you want.  

Strengthens Hair Follicles: 

Fatty acids and vitamins present in Argan oil help to strengthen hair follicles and reduces hair fall. 

Secondary Benefits: 

Strong Nails: 

Apply this oil on your nails to cure brittle nails or use it as a food oil. 

Lowers Cholesterol: 

This oil absorbs bad cholesterol and controls already existing high levels of cholesterol.  

Relieves Arthritis: 

It reduces pain in the neck, back and any area which eventually improves your arthritis problem. 

Prevents Cancer: 

This oil helps battle skin cancer and other symptoms related to it due to its strong consistency of antioxidants. 

Where Do I Buy Argan Oil? 

Always buy pure and organic Argan oil. It can only be found in Morocco. Other places that claim to sell this oil are fake. 

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