These Pro Treatments Can Really Be Worth Your Dollars!

Teeth whitening is the latest craze and people are going gaga over it. The foodstuffs that we eat and our lifestyle accounts to the staining of the teeth. Tea, coffee, red wine, cigarettes, and red sauces all of them are responsible for your yellow fangs. Believe me or not, if you don’t cut down the intake of all these foodstuffs, you will end up staining your teeth.

But if you don’t want to give up on these yummy gummies, then you can adopt various treatments that can allow you to fight those yellow stains. There are several professional teeth whitening treatments and also some effective at-home remedies that can help you do so.

Here, let’s talk about the popular professional teeth whitening cost that you can avail verily.

What Is The Professional Teeth Whitening Buzz All About?

You must have faced a lot of oral health issues due to some or other reasons. At these times, all you can think of is your dentist as all those DIY remedies would have also failed due to the intensity of the problem. Also, to whiten an already stained set of teeth can be really tiring and burdensome. But, here’s the deal…

Some professional dental treatments can allow you to get a drastically brighter smile in just a few days! No, not that glowy, toothy celebrity smile. But you can trust me when I say, a bright smile with a clean white set of teeth.

What Are The Types Of These Treatments?

Tooth whitening which is done by professionals can be carried out with the help of different methods. Not only is this method carried under the assistance of professionals, but it is also very safe to use and carries fewer risks.

  • Vital Teeth Whitening For Extrinsic Stains :

This method focuses more on the extrinsic stains that have developed on your teeth. In this treatment, the professional or the expert covers your teeth with a whitening gel. This whitening gel is different and more powerful than your at-home teeth whiteners.

Then a special laser or an LED light is flashed on the teeth. This is done with the help of mouthpieces that the professionals design specially for your mouth. Due to this, the whitening gel gets activated and the process of bleaching occurs.

Then your teeth get oxidized and hence the stains are removed. Also, this method would require you to sit for 60-90 minutes straight. This method might cost you from $600 to $1200.

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  • Non-Vital Teeth Whitening For Intrinsic Stains :

Unlike the above-described method, this treatment is meant for the intrinsic stains that are present deeply under the layers of your teeth. These stains are not visible to the naked eye but can cause deep cavities and other problems. In this method, professionals put a whitening gel inside your teeth and cover the teeth by placing a filling over it. This filling is temporary and can be removed after the treatment. This treatment can take several days to get into effect because the intrinsic stains take a while to get eradicated. This treatment can range from $500 to $900 which is almost similar to that of the Vital Whitening treatment.

Precautions And Risks :

  • Tooth Sensitivity :

Some people when subjected to teeth whitening gels can develop tooth sensitivity. However, this problem will only last for a few days. You may use some special sensitivity toothpaste to get rid of this condition quickly.

  • Not Suitable For Pregnant Women And Children :

Pregnant females should not be subjected to these methods as it might be unsafe for them and the fetus. Small children should also not be prescribed these treatments as they are too young to be exposed to such methods.

We can notice that these treatments are slightly expensive than the rest of the treatments for teeth whitening. This has a reason. The materials that professional use are clinically tested and safer to use. Apart from this, they are also very powerful in their effect. But, the results are totally immediate and absolutely worth it.


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