In the modern-day majority of women are facing issues such as weight gain, acne, hair loss and hair gain on the face and body. Hair is considered a very important part of the body, this is because it enhances women beauty. Also having longer and stronger hair shows, that women take good care of their hair.

Most women invest their money on expensive products to maintain good hair health. However, the majority of women are still facing hair fall and hair thinning. According to the dermatologist’s women face hair shedding due to PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome).

PCOS does not just cause hair related issues but it also causes weight gain and acne. Majority of women also experience hair growth on the face and chest. These things can easily affect all these things affect women daily life and lower their confidence.

Thus, it is very important that one knows about PCOS symptoms to get it treated quickly. If you do not know how to notice its symptoms, then you must know PCOS awareness month ICD 10 PCOS. To know more about it keep on reading this article.

What Is PCOS?

Before you learn the symptoms of PCOS you must know what it is and how it is caused. PCOS is basically a hormone imbalance, which usually women experience between the age of 15 to 44. According to the studies, more than 26% of women in that age group have PCOS.

More than 70 percent of women who suffer from PCOS, do not even know about it. Thus, these women do not get diagnosed for PCOS, thus they keep on suffering from it. It is very important that women get diagnosed for PCOS, this is because it affects their reproductive organs.

This disrupts the production of progesterone and estrogen in women body, which is responsible for the menstrual cycle. In some cases, it is seen that the androgens level in women increases a little bit, which is a male hormone and lead to facial hair grow.

What Causes PCOS?

What actually causes PCOS is still not exactly known. However according to the doctors, when suffering from PCOS, when the androgen level increases in their body. Since it is a male hormone, it increases facial hair in women and causes hair growth on women chest.

According to the doctors, this male hormone increases in women due to genes, insulin resistance, and inflammation. Thus, it also makes it hard for women to get pregnant, if it’s in the genes then it is hard to cure it.

Majority of women suffer from PCOS due to insulin resistance. According to a survey more than 70 percent of women who have PCOS are insulin resistance. Also, women who have increased inflammation levels also suffer from PCOS.

Symptoms Of PCOS

If you notice below symptoms then you must visit the dermatologist to get diagnoses:

  •    Delay, skipping, irregular or heavy periods.
  •    Experiencing pain in the pelvis.
  •    Noticing hair on your face or any other part of the body.
  •    Acne on the skin.
  •    Gaining weight or unable to reduce weight.

These are some of the well-known symptoms of PCOS, which has been verified by PCOS awareness month ICD 10 PCOS

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