Are you noticing hair on your brush after every time you comb? Is your scalp getting more visible due to your thin hair? Every woman loves to have strong and beautiful hair. The reason behind this is because it enhances their beauty, also, it shows that women take special care of their hair.

There are a majority of women buy lots of expensive products which claims to improves hair quality. Not just that women also go to the salon to improve their hair texture and to get the desired haircut. All these things are expensive, but still, most women use them to improve their look.

However, nowadays more than 50% of women are experiencing hair loss and hair shedding. Losing hair is very troublesome for any women because it makes them more attractive. Losing hair can make any women very conscious and can even lower their confidence.

Thus, a lot of men spend their money on expensive hair products to prevent hair loss and hair thinning. However, it does not help them in reversing hair loss and regrow hair. Many women experience weight gain, acne, fatigue, facial hair too. This is due to polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), women all over the world suffer from it.

What actually causes polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is still unknown. But according to the doctor it is caused due to incorrect hormonal imbalance. If you are also losing hair due to PCOS, then keep on reading this article. It will provide you the tips to overcome it and help you in regrow hair.

What Is PCOS?

This is a syndrome where women hair falls out from the roots. Also, this syndrome will increase weight, acne on the body and hair on the face. Many doctors have linked PCOS with androgens, which is naturally present in the women body.

Androgens also disrupt women period cycle; some women have experienced skipping period due to it. Due to androgens women also experience a lot of bleeding when they are on a menstrual cycle. When women suffer from this syndrome it is very hard for her to get pregnant.

This is the same thing which causes receding hairline in men, but in women case, they experience thin hair all over the head. But there are some women whose hair on the temple area only gets thin and fall out. Those women who have sensitive hair follicles can notice less hair growth on the scalp.

If you have an excessive amount of hair in your body then you can experience a lot of hair growth on your body. Also, facial hair growth, but some people do not suffer from it due to sensitive hair follicles but due to hereditary.

Yes, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) can be inherited from the family member since birth. However, if your hair follicles are not sensitive at all, then you will not have any side effect of androgens. But if you have little sensitive hair follicles then you can experience effects of androgens.

What Are The Treatments For PCOS?

There are many treatments available for PCOS. Doctor use deferent treatments for different people based on the symptoms they notice. Thus, it is very complicating to get the right treatment for PCOS. However, women usually treat PCOS orally by taking anti-androgens, it can also be used topically.

Spironolactone or dinette are the two most commonly used oral contraceptives. But for an effective result it is considered to use both oral and topical solutions together. Below you can read more about these anti-androgens.


Spironolactone is widely used for treating acne on the body, to control low blood pressure. But if women consume this pill daily orally, then she can easily overcome this male hormone. Also, with the help of this pill, the growth of hair on the body and hair thinning will be reduced.

While using spironolactone women must know that it is diuretic which means it is water tablet. So daily consumption of this pill will make you use the bathroom frequently to pass urine. Also, this pill can make you fatigue and your breast tender, these are considered the side effects on this pill.

Thus, you should consult a professional dermatologist before you start using this spironolactone. Also, before using dinette consult dermatologist because he will recommend the proper dosage.

Tropical treatments

Nowadays there are many products available in the market which claims to be effective for fighting PCOS. However, these products are not very effective in overcoming the PCOS and reversing hair loss and hair thinning.

But since hair follicles are only 3 to 4 mm below the scalp surface. So if the effective anti-androgen solution is used it can help in overcoming PCOS, increasing hair density. But to see its result you must use this solution for at least 12 to 14 months. But to maintain the density of the hair you must keep using this solution daily.


Minoxidil is used around the world for regrow hair. It is famous for improving hair texture, density and volume, thus there are many hair growth products which contain minoxidil. According to the dermatologist, it is a vasodilator, which is very effective for stimulating hair follicles.

The ingredients present in the minoxidil are very effective for helping in repairing tissues. However, using it orally can lead to increased hair growth. So if you are already suffering from excess hair on body and face, then you must not use minoxidil.

According to some studies combining small dosage of minoxidil like (0.25mg) with spironolactone (25mg) can prevent hair loss. Tropical minoxidil is very effective to use if you have thin hair on little patches. Because you can directly apply it to the area where you have thin hair. However, before using minoxidil, you must consult the dermatologist because he will recommend the dosage you require.


Hair is an important part for both men and women, but for women, it is more important to have healthy and strong hair, because it enhances their beauty. Bust in the modern-day majority of women suffers from hair shedding and hair thinning because of PCOS. If you are also losing hair due to this syndrome, then you must visit your dermatologist.


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