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With today’s high beauty standards, it is necessary for every individual to keep themselves aware of the ongoing fashion and trends in the market. It is very important to keep a track over the things that are new in the market and how they can be useful for you. With the increasing technology, a lot of advancements have come up in the beauty industry as well, one of these is eyelash extensions.  

Imagine you are on a date and your eyelash extension sticks out. Nobody wants to face such a situation and hence using Magnetic Eyelashes would work for anyone. These eyelashes do not create any mishmash and can be used without any hassle. A lot of people have started replacing normal extensions with magnetic eyelashes.  

What Are Magnetic Eyelashes?  

Magnetic eyelashes are those which are not as same as eyelash extension in which you need to smother glue over the eyelash and stick it. Using glue will only give you temporary effects and will stick out one’s the glue dries off. Magnetic eyelashes are much easier to use, often these eyelashes come in two parts. The upper eyelash is put first and after which the lower eyelash is kept. It sticks to the upper one with the help of a magnet. All you have to do it to make sure that the eyelashes are lined up in the position. These eyelashes do not stick out as the magnets are present on both the ends which makes it easier to handle.  

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Magnetic Eyelashes Reviews - Best Seller Of The Week -

Magnetic Eyelashes Reviews: How Does It Work?  

The difference between normal fake eyelashes and magnetic eyelashes is the way they are placed over the eyelash. In a normal fake eyelash, an adhesive glue is used in order to stick the eyelash with the natural ones. You just have to apply a little glue to the fake eyelashes with a brush and then with the help of a tweezer curl over your eyelash. Do not use a lot of glue as that will only mess it up. After applying glue over the eyelash wait for five to six seconds. Make sure that it is not too wet as it might slide the eyelash to a different region and won’t look steady.  

While in magnetic eyelashes there is lesser turmoil as is it easier than the ones which you have to glue on. Magnetic eyelashes often consist of two sets of eyelashes for one eye, one is the upper one and then there is the lower part. When they are brought closer, they stick with the help of the magnet present on them. Sometimes the number of magnets and the positioning can differ depending on the brands that are used. In most cases, there are two magnets on part of the eyelash on both the ends but even with one magnet on an eyelash are available. Adhesive glue is also used while using one magnetic eyelash to position them in the right way so that it does not stick out from the ends.  

Magnetic Eyelashes Reviews: How To Use Them?  

In most cases, magnetic eyelashes have two magnets one on both ends. Start putting the upper eyelash first and then keep the lower eyelash below it. You will see that both of these stick to each other with the help of the magnet. There are various types of magnetic eyelashes available in the market. Some come with the pair of four magnets and some with two, the ones with four magnets are more feasible and easier to use. All the ends are covered with the help of magnets which do not leave any side sticking out.  

Whereas the ones with two magnets, that is one on each eyelash is used, it is always safe to use adhesive glue on either side. So that it does not stick out from any side and looks misaligned in any way.   

Magnetic Eyelashes Reviews By Commoners.  

Cynthia Cruz:

I used these magnetic eyelashes and they worked pretty well for me. I had very fine eyelashes and used mascara every day to make it look bigger and better. After some time even mascara becomes clumpy and it takes a lot of time to remove the residue from the lashes. This tends to break a lot of my original eyelashes. I used these magnetic eyelashes and found that they worked wonders for me. It looks neat and flawless and does not crease. These lashes last for a long time.  

Lucille Clark:

I used normal fake lashes for a long time and they used to get creasy after some time. It becomes clumpy when a lot of glue is used and it often ends up looking like a mess. Fake eyelashes also somewhere lead to the breakage of your natural ones because of the adhesive glue which makes it look mishmash. I tried on these magnetic eyelashes and they are much easier and more feasible to use as they do not cause confusion. All you have to do is line both the upper and lower eyelashes and they look perfect. These work best if you have a party to attend to. You wouldn’t have to worry or become conscious about your fake eyelashes falling off as these are magnetic. Also, they can stick around for a long time.  

Alicia Renteria:

These magnetic eyelashes do not cause any problem whatsoever and are very easy to use. Rather than using mascara that turns lumpy after some time, it is always better to use these magnetic eyelashes. I used these eyelashes and felt perfect. They do not need readjusting and do not stick out in any way. The main issue with the glue eyelashes was that it used to stick out after the glue dries off. It becomes very embarrassing and hence using the magnetic ones are safe. Magnetic eyelashes do not need any extra care and it does not have a need to be cleaned after using like those eyelashes with glue over them.  

Julie Stirling:

I have used different types of fake eyelashes such as synthetic eyelashes, silk eyelash extensions, sable eyelash extensions etc. After this, I wanted to give magnetic eyelashes a shot. I realized that magnetic eyelashes are one of the easiest to use and they do not need a lot of extra care as well. You just have to line them up together in the proper position. These eyelashes are easy to handle and do not mess up or stick out.  

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Magnetic Eyelashes Reviews - Best Seller Of The Week -

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