Get Teeth Whitening Done In A Flash!!!

Teeth whitening has become quite a trend. People are fancy various treatments to discolor their teeth and make them white. Whitening toothpastes, teeth whitening gels, strips, teeth whitening strips are some awesome ways that ensure that you are smiling right. Laser treatment for teeth whitening is one of them, is the most treasured and most effective way to attain your teeth goals. People prefer laser treatment over others despite the fact that it is quite expensive. This is because of the amazing results that this method provides you with.

How Does It Work?

Laser technology is known for its effective results for not only skin and hair treatments but also for teeth whitening. But what makes laser technology so efficient?

  • Laser technology is one of the latest technologies that has proven to be very well efficient for your teeth.
  • The first step is the gel application. This gel contains bleaching compounds which have natural ph levels.
  • Step two is the application of laser gel which is applied on the entire surface area of the teeth. This gel contains mineral accelerants which get activated.
  • Thus, the enamel gets oxidized and the teeth are discolored as the stains get removed gradually.

You would be wondering what is the role of laser in this? The laser helps to speed up this treatment and it acts more like a catalyst.

This process might take around 1 hour for each session. There may be 3-5 sessions in all.

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Pros Of Laser Teeth Whitening

  • Speedy Whitening :

Studies have proven that laser teeth whitening is the most effective way to attain a bright smile. Not only is it effective but also really quick. Although each session might take one hour for a sitting but the immediate effect is what steals the spotlight.

  • Long Lasting Effect :

Other treatments get worn out in just a few weeks, but laser whitening treatment may last for over three years. Although it may require a few touch-ups in the middle which might arise a few more expenses but trust me, it is worth the cost!

  • Less Damaging :

As compared to other treatments like the strip and the LED light ones, which can damage your teeth and cause abrasion due to constant use, this treatment is less damaging. We are keeping it frank and honest here while we say that laser treatments might damage your teeth health. But only in case of ignorance, carelessness and overuse.

Risks And Precautions

  1. As mentioned above, laser whitening treatment must only be taken after knowing all the conditions and precautions.
  2. This treatment might not be suitable for people who have tooth sensitivity or receding gums.
  3. It is also not recommended for pregnant ladies.
  4. You must seek professional medical expertise before you start this treatment as they can enlighten you about your oral health and suggest a suitable method.

Conclusion :

This is a really amazing way to get a bright smile immediately. The results start to show up after each sitting. They are so brilliant that your teeth might start to seem almost 3-4 shades brighter after each session. It might cost you from $500 to $3000 for each session depending on several conditions.


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