How To Use Essential Oils

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What Are The Uses Of Essential Oils? 

There are many uses of essential oils for health. Thus, they are used in a lot of natural beauty products and cosmetics. These essential oils have ample of medicinal benefits. Also, they are in trend nowadays and are used in a lot of treatments and therapies. Today, healthcare has become extremely costly and it is not convenient for everyone to go to the doctor for every small problem. These problems can be treated easily with home remedies.

Essentials oils are popularly used in a number of home remedies. People also have been using eucalyptus oil and tea tree oil to treat cold and cough. They are also used to treat skin problems like acne and scars.

How Are They Made?

These oils are extracted from different parts of plants having medicinal properties. A process of distillation is very commonly used to procure essential oils from plants. Though there are different methods and techniques used to make essential oils. The most powerful elements of these plants are concentrated into one single oil which increases their efficiency. A number of health problems can be solved with the use of essential oils.

Uses Of Essential Oils 

Essential oils can be used in many different ways. There are various types of essential oils like lavender, eucalyptus, jojoba, lemon oil and many more. Different uses of essential oils for health, skin, and hair are as follows:

1. Treats Acne-

Essential oils are proved to solve many skin problems. Tea tree oil can be mixed with coconut oil and used to treat acne. It has a high amount of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which helps treats acne.

2. Reduces the Effects Of Aging And Wrinkles-

Oils like tea tree or lavender are rich in properties which stimulate repairing of the skin. These oils are also rich in anti-bacterial elements which removes dead skin cells. Problems like hyperpigmentation, dark spots and blemishes can be solved with the use of these oils.

3. Treats Dandruff-

Oil like tea tree oil, lavender, rosemary has been proved very effective to treat dandruff. They have great moisturizing properties which treat flaky skin caused due to dryness. Due to its high antibacterial properties, they are able to treat dandruff causing problems. The dry skin of hair, sebum, and weak blood circulation to the scalp can be reasons for increased dandruff. Massaging the essential oil on the scalp can help you get rid of such problems.

4. Reduces Hair Fall-

The oils like coconut oil, jojoba oil, and castor oil have high absorption qualities. They are able to penetrate deep inside the roots of hair making them stronger. These oils improve blood circulation in the scalp which improves the health of the hair.

5. Get Shiny, Smooth hair-

Essential oils like lavender, sandalwood, rosewood have great conditioning properties. Due to which it nourishes your hair. This helps you get smooth and silky hair with regular use.

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6. Treats Cold And Respiratory Problems-

Due to its rich medicinal properties cold and cough can be treated with the use of essential oils. Few oils commonly used are cinnamon, eucalyptus, peppermint, ginger. Adding a few drops of any such oil to hot water and taking steam twice a day can be beneficial.

7. Eliminate Foul Smell-

Lemongrass, lavender, peppermint have a very refreshing scent. They have a strong aroma which helps eliminate any foul smell in the environment. They are also stress-busters which help you to calm and relax. Thus, they are used in many deodorants, diffusers and air fresheners.

8. Muscle Pain and Swelling-

Essential oils like jojoba, coconut, peppermint, and lemongrass are generally used to treat such problems. It’s high anti-inflammatory properties help releases muscle swelling and reduce pain. Massaging the oil into the skin will help penetrate deep into the skin and solve the problem.

All these were different uses of essential oils. There are also many other ways in which essential oils can be used. But these are some common problems for which it can be used.


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