To keep up with the evolving trends in the makeup industry, you need to stay updated with the new developments. From head to toe, it is necessary to look chic and fashionable. Eyes are the portal through which we see this beautiful world. Hence, it is important to accentuate them. To beautify eyes, there are different cosmetics which can make your eyes look more pretty. Using, eyeliners, eyeshadows, or eyelash extensions can help you with this task. Eyelash extensions can make the natural bulk of eyelashes more voluminous. They are easy to put on and they don’t have any side effects as such. Eyelash extensions are also named as Falsies and are used on a wide scale.  

Though the application of fake eyelashes is easy, many people encounter difficulties while going through the whole process. The first and the foremost thing one should take care of is that whether your natural eyelashes and the false lashes are of the same size. Choosing the perfect set is the first step of having great eyelashes. If the eyelashes are too long as compared to the natural bulk, they can be trimmed off from the end. To cut the excess lash, hold it outwards and cut it from the outer end of the lash strip and cut it from the vein. Cutting on the lashes may lead to trimming excess part of the lash which you want. After finding the perfect pair, put on some adhesive on the eyelash and place them on the natural line of your lashes.  

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How To Remove Fake Eyelashes - Best Seller Of The Week -

How To Apply Fake Eyelashes?

Firs,t when you get your kit of fake eyelashes, place it outwards under your nose. This will help you to pick which is the right and the left eyelash as sometimes they aren’t marked. While removing the eyelashes from the packaging make sure that you are gentle and don’t pull on the lash strip. Place your fingertips on the edge of the lash and don’t pluck it from the inner corner, as this may increase their chances of breaking off. Add a thin layer of adhesive on the last strip and stick them to the natural eyelash line. Push the falsies against the natural eyelash so that no space is left in between them. To blend them both together, top it off with a layer of mascara.  

How To Remove Fake Eyelashes? 

Using Steam And Oil:

The first step is to remove all the eye makeup, with a makeup remover or using any wet wipes or washing your face. This will show you where the real lash line ends and the extension begins. Then follows, steaming the face which will help to loosen the falsies and the hold of the adhesive. Heat a bowl of water, hot enough that it can produce steam. Drape a towel around your face, against the bowl, so that all the heat is trapped. Steam your face for about 5-10 minutes, until it is warm enough. Dampen a cotton ball with some olive oil, squeeze out the excess oil. Gently wipe off the lashes until they begin to fall out. Make sure you don’t get any portion of it in your eyes, to avoid irritation. The final step is to again rinse your lashes with warm water, to remove the oil from them.  

Using Lash Glue Remover:

A lash glue remover is easily available at any nearby drugstore. If it is not found, you will have to go to a salon. A lash glue remover smells similar to a nail polish remover, it is considered to be a mild solvent. It is necessary to have a properly lit room where you can carry out the process of removing your lashes. There should be no overlapping shadows which can make it difficult to see. Removing the eye makeup is important to see where the eyelash extension begins. Dampen a cotton swab or ball thoroughly with the eyelash remover. With soft hands, pull down the outer corner of your eyelid. Your upper lashes should be pointing downwards to give you a clear vision. Softly, move the cotton swab or ball across the lash line. The lash glue remover will loosen the hold of the adhesive and sometimes they will start to fall off. Pull out the loosened eyelashes, by gripping them between the forefinger and the thumb. Once the False lashes fall out, clean the upper lashes with the remover. Rinse your eyelashes to remove the excess glue.  

Professional Removal:

if you want to remove your eyelash extensions, you can take professional help. You can go back to the salon or the technician who helped in the application. To get semi-permanent lashes, people use super glue to affix the false eyelashes on top of the natural ones. This type of glue is difficult to remove, hence taking help of proper solvents and tools is important. When some of the lashes have fallen out or you aren’t happy with the way they look, you can readily think of going to a salon. Sometimes an itchy or pricking sensation can be caused due to the use of superglue, in cases like these, one can see a technician. If the previous salon wasn’t good with their work, there is always an option of going to a different salon.

Eyelash Dos and Dont’s:  

Eyelash extensions can be irritating if you are using it for the first time. But if you get the feeling of pulling, rubbing or twisting them, avoid it. Professionals in a salon use a special solvent which is specially build to remove eyelashes. If you are removing your eyelashes on your own, it is better to treat your skin later with a moisturizer or a cleanser.  

Fake eyelashes are easy to remove as well to apply. One must make sure that they should not bother their eyes when the falsies adhere to the natural lash line. The eyelashes can prick the eyes and may lead to further infections. One must make a note that some eyelashes aren’t waterproof, hence in case of this one must avoid contact with water. 

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How To Remove Fake Eyelashes - Best Seller Of The Week -