Everyone has heard time and again that the first impression is the last impression. Our beauty enhances our personality. How we look is a major part of how people perceive us. Our appearance makes a strong hold on people and can leave a lasting impression. Women all over the world have used makeup as a tool to enhance and accentuate their beauty. This includes applying different forms of makeup to define the original features on one’s face.  

Makeup Routine: 

A generic makeup routine consists of a couple of products followed in a particular order.

  • You first start by prepping your skin with a Primer. The primer can be silicone or gel based. What it does, is that it helps in blurring out your skin’s imperfections and blemishes. It also helps in minimizing the appearance of large pores. Primers make your skin tacky so that the foundation rests just right on your skin all day and doesn’t shift around. 
  • The next step is the Foundation. The foundation, like its name, sets the base for your entire makeup look. If the foundation looks shabby and has creases, then the entire look becomes dull and unattractive. It is essential to choose the right foundation for your skin type and one that is the nearest match to your skin tone. 
  • The concealer comes next. It helps in covering all your blemishes and dark spots that you would want to hide. Concealer also helps a great deal in brightening the right areas of your face.  
  • Setting powder helps in setting all your work in place. It also mattifies your skin and prevents it from looking greasy. Make sure you use this well in your T-Zone area. 
  • Blush, bronzers, and highlighters are a good way to bring back some depth and dimension that your face lost in the previous steps. These products accentuate your features and make them stand out. 
  • Add some vibrant dose of color with a bold lipstick if you are feeling fierce. You can also opt for a nude lippie to tone down a dramatic makeup look. 
  • Playing with eyeshadows and false eyelashes are a great way to enhance your eyes and make them look attractive and enticing.  

What Are Fake Eyelashes?

It is wisely said that Eyes are the reflection of one’s personality. Your eyes are one of the first things a person notices when conversing with you. 

All throughout the years, in all regions, like Asia, Africa, and the middle east, eyes are considered to be the most important feature. A lady with beautiful eyes becomes twice as more beautiful. Hence, eyelashes form a major factor to be considered. Not everyone is born with naturally long lashes.  However, to the others that aren’t born gifted, you can easily get that look. Fake it till you make it. 

There are several types of fake lashes available in the Market at this moment. Magnetic eyelashes are one such type of fake eyelashes that have garnered a huge fan base in recent times.  

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How To Put On Magnetic Eyelashes - Best Seller Of The Week - getreviewsof.com

What Are Magnetic Eyelashes? 

These eyelashes are just like any other pair of fake lashes. They, however, have an additional benefit, which is they are easy to apply. 

Magnetic lashes are a pair of fake eyelashes that have a natural looking set of hair extensions. They have a strip of a soft flexible magnet, which fits in perfectly to the natural lash line. In the market at this moment, there are two types of magnetic eyelashes. One, which has a magnetic strip in the middle and the other which has smaller strips of magnet just in the beginning and the end of the lash. Putting on eyelashes that are magnetic might sound like quite a task, however, that is far from the truth. They require no such equipment in particular, other than a tweezer. Magnetic lashes don’t need glue, they just need to be placed in the proper way on the lashline.  

How To Put On Magnetic Eyelashes? 

There are several brands that have come out with such eyelashes, but the company which first came up with this idea was ARDELL. The best part about magnetic eyelashes is that it needs no glue at all, which basically leaves no chances of ripping off your natural lashes while removing them.  

Wondering how to put these babies on? You just need tweezers. Take the strip of the lashes, and place it on your lashline. There are in particular, two types of such lashes, upper magnetic lashes and under magnetic lashes. While applying the upper lashes, press it against your natural lash line, both for natural as well as a full lashes. You might want to do it with the help of tweezers or you aren’t comfortable using your fingers. Just blink and check if you have applied them in a correct way. If it doesn’t move, you’re done.  

This is optional, but for a better grip, you can apply a voluminous mascara. Mascara, functions as a fixing agent on your lashes. Also, it attaches your natural lashes with the falsies. Making them look like one. 

Magnetic lashes vs other fake lashes: 

Magnetic eyelashes have nowadays, gained popularity, the one reason for it could be that it doesn’t need an adhesive eyelash glue to fix it. 

They are available in several types, the two subtypes among them are individual eyelashes. Individual eyelashes are mainly the one which are small bits of eyelashes. They can be individually applied to the lashes. You can apply these lashes just in the places where you need the most volume.  Other complete lashes are cannot be cut, they have a long and complete strip on them, hence, you have to apply them completely. 

Other fake lashes have chances to rip off your natural lashes, however, magnetic lashes just get naturally attached with your original lashes. 

Benefits of Magnetic Eyelashes 

  • Magnetic eyelashes are easier to use than the fake eyelashes,  
  • They don’t require any adhesive glue to keep them in place.
  • These are waterproof in nature.
  • They can be conveniently applied to your natural lashes with the help of tweezers and also you can put them on by using your own fingers 
  • The process of the removal, of these magnetic eyelashes, is much easier, as there are no dangers of ripping your natural eyelashes.  
  • They are much better than the fake eyelashes, as they don’t come off easily and there are no dangers of the glue drying out. Plus they are reusable.

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How To Put On Magnetic Eyelashes - Best Seller Of The Week - getreviewsof.com

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