Eyelashes are one of the most prominent features of your face. They define your eyes and makes them look more appealing. They surround your eyes and helps in keeping dust particles out of your eye but more than that eyelashes are a beauty symbol. The people who are blessed with long and bushy eyelashes are something everyone envies.  

Whether you are getting ready for a party or you just like long eyelashes, artificial eyelashes come in handy. They are super easy to use and remove and they look exactly like natural eyelashes. It also gives your eyes that extra appeal that you were hoping for. But the problem with fake eyelashes is the glue. Most of the time, the glue used in these artificial eyelashes are harmful to your skin and might also cause you skin reactions. 

Another thing is that these are very hard to fix as the glue is sticky and often gets smudged all over your eyelids. But now you’ve got a solution to these problems as well. Now, you can use magnetic eyelashes and get the bushy look you wanted. Magnetic eyelashes are super easy to use. All you need to do is clip them on your eyelids. 

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What Are Magnetic Eyelashes? 

These are artificial eyelashes that are used quite often by women who want their lashes to look longer and bushier. You don’t need to use glue to fix these artificial lashes. All you need to do is put them on your eyelids and they’ll get clipped onto your eyelids. Unlike, other artificial eyelashes that use glue, there is no adhesive used in this kind of eyelashes. 

The artificial eyelashes that use adhesives are quite tricky to use. This is because the glue used to fix these lashes are not good for your skin. When not applied in the right manner it leaves a very bad smudge on your eyelids. There are two types of eyelashes, one is the whole eyelash that covers your entire eyelids and the other one comes in bits and pieces that are placed over your eyelids in a proper manner. You can choose the type of eyelashes you want according to your convenience. 

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Which One Is Better: Magnetic Eyelashes Or Adhesive Ones? 

When it comes to artificial eyelashes, we recommend you go for the magnetic ones because, 

  • They are easy to use 
  • There is no glue used in this type of artificial eyelashes 

Eyelashes make your eyes look fuller and more appealing. Thet add a little extra oomph in your look, giving your eyes a glamorous and sexy look. Although not everyone is blessed with long and full eyelashes. And when you’re getting ready for a party where everyone thrives to look their best, you have to look the best. 

When you’re getting ready, you don’t want to waste your time trying to rub off your eyelids because of the glue of these artificial eyelashes. Easy, simple and elegant and on top of that in two different options, magnetic eyelashes are surely the new go-to for people. 

How To Apply Magnetic Eyelashes? 

It is very simple to apple magnetic eyelashes, all you need to do is fix the lashes on your eyelids and they get clipped on their own. If you’re using the bits and piece magnetic eyelashes then attach the lashes according to how you want them to appear. Fewer lashes in the denser areas and more in the light areas.  

Unlike adhesive eyelashes, there is no glue involved in these eyelashes. You don’t need to worry about the glue getting all smeared upon your eyelids. No need to worry about smudges either if you’re using magnetic eyelashes. If you want, you can trim the lashes first to fit according to your natural eyelash line. It will make them look more real and natural. 

Benefits Of Magnetic Eyelashes 

The different benefits of using magnetic eyelashes are listed below, 

  • There is always a dread of your eyelash coming off or peeling off when the glue gives up and that is just plain embarrassing. But with magnetic eyelashes, you don’t have to worry about them coming off. 
  • They are easier to use and put on. 
  • Also, they come in more options and styles 
  • Makes your eyes look appealing. 

Reviews On Magnetic Eyelashes 

These are some reviews given by people who have already used magnetic eyelashes. 

  • Isabelle Anderson says, “Got these recently and they have been very handy, Easy to use and remove.” 
  • Ana Peter Walls says, “They stay on clipped for a long time until you decide to take them off. It is such a relief because I’ve been using the glue ones for a long time and these come off with no extra effort whatsoever.” 
  • Amanda Shawn says, “A little complicated to apply the first time but then when you figure it out then its cakewalk.” 

Are Magnetic Eyelashes Safe?

A major concern of people when it comes to eyelashes is whether they’re safe or not. Yes, they are safe to use and the magnet used in these eyelashes are not going to harm your eyes in any way. These lashes are made with advanced technology while keeping your safety and comfort in mind. They provide you with the best effects without any hassle.  

Glue eyelashes come off when exposed to water. Moreover, the glue turns white which is not only horrible but also embarrassing. To avoid such situations, choose your extensions while keeping these parameters in mind. Also, keep in mind that adhesive eyelashes can harm your eyes. This is because the glue used to stick them to your eyelids can cause a great deal of damage to the skin around your eyes.

You can buy these eyelashes off the market from any departmental store or online selling sites. They are not too expensive and some of these brands even give you reusable options. Although keep one thing in mind, buy them only from trusted brands and not from the local ones. 

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How To Apply Magnetic Eyelashes - Best Seller Of The Week - Getreviewsof.com

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