As everyone says “Smile is the prettiest thing you can wear and you are never dressed fully until you wear your smile”. To have such sparkling smile you need to have healthy clean and white teeth. 

From the world’s population out of 100 people, 70 have yellow teeth. When you smile your impression should not go down because of the color of your teeth. 

Of course yes, not every person will have shining white teeth but some yellow teeth are because of genetics. Teeth play a very important role not only helping you in chewing hard things, helps to speak clearly but also in your beauty.  

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Causes Of Yellow Teeth: 

There are several causes of yellow teeth some of them are listed below: 


coffee, tea, red wine which contains a high amount of tannins which are quite potential to cause yellow teeth. 


Fruits like apple and vegetables like potatoes can stain your teeth.   


Smoking and chewing tobacco can stain your teeth as well as weaken your teeth.  

Poor oral hygiene:

Poor oral hygiene not only includes chewing inappropriate foods for your teeth but also inadequate brushing, flossing, and rinsing with an antiseptic mouthwash can produce stains.  


Treatments for a disease like head and neck radiation, chemotherapy,  can lead to tooth discoloration. They affect enamel and dentin which will lead to discoloration of your teeth.  

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How Much Teeth Whitening Cost - Best Seller Of The Week - getreviewsof.com


Some people naturally have white bright teeth with strong enamel and dentin. Whereas in some people it’s genetics that their enamel is weak and their teeth are discolored from their childhood.   


There are some antibiotics such as tetracycline and doxycycline are known to discolor your teeth especially Children who are under age 8.  


Children who are aged between 8 to 10 should not be given mouthwash to use cause they can stain their adult teeth which are also known as permanent teeth.  

Factors Of Teeth Whitening Process:  

Teeth whitening is also known as tooth bleaching. It is a common procedure for consumers in the plantation, especially in cosmetic dental offices. There are American who spend more than 1$ billion on teeth bleaching every year.  

The rate might differ from person to person and the level of teeth discoloration. Your diet and lifestyles also play a very important role. 

An excess amount of tannins contained food can cause teeth staining for a long-term period. Consuming alcohol is also not good for your teeth as well as your teeth. 

Food which has strong coloration or strong preservative in them must be avoided because it can cause teeth staining. Aging can also be one of the reason. 

As you age, your enamel the outer layer gets worn away. This result in revealing the real color of the dentin which is yellow. 

Aging can not only weaken your enamel but also it will weaken your gums, roots, etc. which will result in a decrease of oral strength.  

Consulting a dentist could be a wise idea. The dentist takes this way as quick and effective as well. The whole treatment might cost around  500$ to 1000$. The effect will last more than 2 years.  

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How Much Teeth Whitening Cost - Best Seller Of The Week - getreviewsof.com

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