Ingrown hair is a condition in which the hair doesn’t go out of the surface of the skin and remains and bumps and puss-filled sacs in the skin. Removing these sacs are often very painful and it leaves marks in your body. Also, ingrown hair can be found anywhere in your body, the most common places being your legs, face and the pubic region.  

 Causes Of Ingrown Hair 

Following are the causes of ingrown hair:  

  1. Excessive shaving and tweezing hair are one of the most common reasons for ingrown hair. It causes the hair to grow in different directions, and sometimes there is no open skin pore in that particular direction, which results in an ingrown hair.  
  2. Wearing tight fitting clothes is another reason for ingrown hair, as those types of clothes are not breathable.  
  3. There is specific hair type that is just prone to curly hair. Extremely curly hair has a lot of bends and curls, and there are high chances that the hair bends inside the skin itself.

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 Symptoms of Ingrown Hair:  

  1. Some of the very visible symptoms are given below:  
  2. Pus-filled sacs and bumps  
  3. Itching in the place, urge to remove the ingrown hair.  
  4. Pain in the ingrown area 
  5. Hyperpigmentation  

 Home Remedies For Ingrown Hair:  

There are various simple ways to remove ingrown hair, some of them are listed as follows:  

Sugar Scrub:

Scrubbing the area of the ingrown hair will help you to remove the inflamed skin and bring out the hair. It will also help in exfoliating your skin by reaching to its deepest layers.  


  • Take one cup of white sugar.  
  • Mix it with coconut oil.  
  • Use the necessary amount of oil to make it like a thick scrub.  
  • Scrub in the affected area in a circular manner and rinse it with water after 10 minutes.  

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Home Remedies For Ingrown Hair - Best Seller Of The Week -

Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera is one of the best ways to remove ingrown hair. Applying aloe vera gel on the inflamed area will give instant relief to the skin. It will reduce the redness and the puss with the constant and regular application. Eventually, it will automatically break and the hair will come out.  


  • Apply aloe vera gel on the area in a circular motion.  
  • Massage the area well, and leave it for at least a few hours. 
  • For best results, apply it at night before going to sleep.  

Baking Soda:

It has various anti-inflammatory properties and soothing effects. This will help in reducing the itchiness and the redness of the skin.  


  • Mix baking soda with water  
  • Make a very concentrated solution of the same  
  • Apply it on the area where ingrown hair is present  
  • Keep it for 5-10 minutes  
  • Wash it off with lukewarm water.  

Potato Peel:

A potato peel has various antioxidant properties which help in reducing the ingrown hair.  


  • Peel a potato.  
  • Apply it on the area where ingrown hair is present.  
  • Secure it with a band-aid and leave it overnight.  
  • Remove it the peel the next day and you will notice a drastic reduction in the inflamed area. 

 These are very easy methods and following them regularly eventually reduce the formation of ingrown hair. They are also cost-effective methods to reduce ingrown hair.  

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Home Remedies For Ingrown Hair - Best Seller Of The Week -

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