Heartburn is when stomach acid gets pushed up into the esophagus, which is the tube that carries food and drinks from the mouth to the stomach. Some heartburns are totally normal and harmless and usually cause no symptoms. But when it happens too often, it burns the inside of the esophagus.   

The most common symptom of heartburn is a painful, burning feeling in the chest or throat. Here are some natural ways to treat or reduce your heartburn:  

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Do Not Overeat: 

Avoid eating large meals or in high portions. Heartburns usually increase after meals and large meals seem to make the problem worse.  

Lose Weight:  

Losing weight should be one of your priorities if you suffer from heartburns. The excessive pressure inside the abdomen is one of the reasons for heartburn. Losing some belly fat will be very helpful.  

Follow a low carb diet: 

Heartburns might be caused by poor carb digestion and bacterial overgrowth in the small intestine. Low carb diets have seen to be an effective treatment for heartburn.  

Limit Your Alcohol Intake:  

Drinking alcohol can increase the severity of heartburn. If you suffer from heartburn then limiting your alcohol intake can help ease the pain of a heartburn.  

Don’t Drink Too Much Coffee: 

Evidence has shown that coffee makes heartburn worse. If the intake of coffee increases the symptoms of heartburn then one should consider limiting the intake.  

Chew Gum:  

Chewing gum increases the formation of saliva and helps clear the esophagus of stomach acid which in turn will reduce the chances of heartburn.  

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Avoid Eating Raw Onions: 

Raw onions irritate the lining of the esophagus causing extreme heartburn. It has been shown that a meal containing raw onion significantly increased heartburn and belching compared with a meal that didn’t contain onion.  

Limit The Intake Of Carbonated Drinks:  

Carbonated drinks have shown to temporarily increase the frequency of belching which may lead to heartburns. If they worsen the symptoms of heartburn then avoid them as much as possible.    

Don’t Drink Too Much Citrus Juice: 

Most Patients with heartburn report that drinking citrus juice makes their symptoms worse. Researchers believe citrus juice irritates the lining of the esophagus.  

Eating less Chocolate: 

There is limited evidence that chocolate worsens heartburn symptoms. Studies have found that drinking a chocolate beverage increased the amount of acid in the esophagus.  

Avoid Mint: 

Mints are common herbs used to flavor foods, candy, chewing gum, mouthwash, and toothpaste. If you feel like mint makes your heartburn worse, then avoid it.  

Don’t sleep on your Right Side:  

If you suffer from heartburns at night, then avoid sleeping on the right side of your body.  

Some scientists claim that dietary factors are a major underlying cause of heartburn. While this might be true, more research is needed to substantiate these claims. Nevertheless, studies show that simple dietary and lifestyle changes can significantly ease heartburn and other acid reflux symptoms.  

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