Hair fall one of the major problem faced by all age group and commonly seen in all gender earlier it was seen majorly in women but in today’s world, we live it is commonly seen in men and women. Hair has a great role in building once personality as it directly affects your appearance and hair fall is a major problem faced in today’s world. While genes play a major role there are many other reasons like pollution, chemicals and the lifestyle of the people.

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The Main Reasons for Hair Fall Can Be:

  • Physical Stress: any stressful event can shock your hair cycle, any kind of physical trauma
  • Pregnancy: pregnancy Related Hair Loss Are Seen Majorly After the Baby Is Born.
  • Too Much Vitamin A: overdoing Vitamin A Containing Supplements or Medication Can Trigger Hair Loss
  • Lack of protein: lack of protein in your diet routine can cause hair loss
  • Male pattern baldness: hair loss due to the hormonal change mostly seen at or after the age of 60 in male
  • Heredity: passing on from generations
  • Female hormones: there are many stages of women’s life for hormonal hair loss
  • Emotional stress: emotional stress rate can lead to hair loss as your mind is not calm
  • Hypothyroidism:  underactive thyroid gland
  • Vitamin b deficiency: -low level of vitamin b in once body
  • Autoimmune-related Hair Loss:   In simple words the overactive immune system
  • Change in the environment or water can also lead to hair loss.

Simple Steps to Avoid Hair Loss (Home Remedies)

  1. Oiling your hair regularly: yes many of us don’t like oiling our hair but it is one of the best things as it helps stress relief and helps develop blood circulation to your head retreating your scalp
    (coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil) are best for hair growth
  2.  Coconut milk: we all know that coconut oil is best for our hair but coconut milk can add magic to it. It helps in hair growth
    Take a coconut grate it extracts the milk from it keep it aside for some time and then part your hair and apply it properly give it a message just don’t concentrate on the scalp apply it all over. Keep it for 30 min and then rinse it off doing this weekly two days, you can see the results yourself.
  3. Aloe vera gel: aloe vera has proteolytic enzymes which help in repairing dead skin cells on the scalp
    You can extract aloe gel from your aloe vera or it’s easily available to take aloe vera gel in a bowl add any oil of your choice to it and apply it all over your hair leave it for around 20 min later on wash it out with your shampoo it not only helps hair loss but also smoothens it
  4. Vitamin E contains many good effects not only for your skin but also for your hair it is one of the most used technique for good hair
  5. Take-two capsule of vitamin e tablet which is easily available in any of the medical shops adds it to your hair oil massage it properly leaves it overnight it gives great results within 2 weeks.
  6.  Onion juice: extract onion juice u can make it in your mixer apply it all over your hair leave it for about 1 hour and then wash your hair do it twice a week and it will help you grow good hair.

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