What is Hemangioma Liver? 

Hemangioma Liver is a disease which is obtained because of the tangling of blood vessels. This is also called as hepatic Hemangioma and cavernous Hemangioma. 

Normally Hemangioma is found only when people undergo through their test. Mostly it is observed that this disease doesn’t have any signs or symptoms which is why people do not realize that they have it. 

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Some of the common symptoms of Hemangioma Liver are: 

  • You feel nauseous  
  • There is a pain in the upper abdomen. 
  • Vomiting is witnessed. 
  • You feel full for a longer period of time without even eating much. 
  • It suppresses your appetite which is not helpful. 
  • Bloating is observed in the Liver. 

How can you diagnose Hemangioma Liver? 

You can diagnose Hemangioma with the help of : 

  • Computerized Tomography. 
  • Ultrasound imaging. 
  • Magnetic resonance imaging. 

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Hemangioma Liver - Best Seller Of The Week - Getreviewsof.com

What causes Hemangioma Liver? 

Although it not proven what exactly causes Hemangioma it is believed that it is inherited by birth. Which means that this disease is present in your body right from your birth. Ironically these diseases cannot be seen when we are young, it is a very rare possibility. Hemangioma Liver is basically a collection of many blood vessels and their size varies from 1.5 inches to 1.8 inches. It is very rare to see many Hemangioma Liver in a person. 

Usually, Hemangioma does not become a problem as it does not grow or cause any effects on the body, hence it remains hidden for a longer time. But in some cases, it grows and causes many liver complications. It is still not known why it occurs and what is the root cause of it. 

What is the complication diagnosed in Hemangioma Liver? 

It can be observed that issues with Hemangioma are seen more in women during pregnancy. When they are expecting a baby the estrogen level rises which leads into increasing of the size of Hemangioma. 

It can be that people suffering from Hemangioma Liver should not take birth control pills as it leads to many complications. 

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Hemangioma Liver - Best Seller Of The Week - Getreviewsof.com

What is the risk factor with Hemangioma Liver? 

There are a few things that need to be taken into consideration while knowing the symptoms of Hemangioma. 

  • Pregnancy: Women who have already been pregnant before having more chances of having Hemangioma than the women who have not been pregnant ever. 
  • Age: This disease is witnessed normally at any age but it is most commonly seen in people between the age of 30-50

How to treat Hemangioma Liver? 

  • Part of the liver is removed which has Hemangioma: In some cases, it is difficult to figure how long and how tangled it is so the doctors cut the entire portions dealing with it. 
  • Remove Hemangioma Liver by surgery: When Hemangioma Liver is visible it can be easily separated by the liver hence surgeries remove that part. 
  • Methods to restrict blood flow in Hemangioma: If there is no blood supply in Hemangioma it shrinks and is then harmless. This process can be done in by injecting medicines in the artery which lead in stopping the blood flow of it. 
  • Radiation: Radiation can be used to get rid of Hemangioma and remove it from the root itself. A lot of laser beams pass through that portion and totally damages that part. 

Hence it concludes by saying that Hemangioma Liver is not harmful if it does not grow or swell and even if it does there are possible treatments to get rid of them. 

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Hemangioma Liver - Best Seller Of The Week - Getreviewsof.com


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