Are You Too Skinny, Want To Gain Weight In Keto Diet. Here Are Some Tips For You.

Most of consider and prefer keto diet for losing weight. Of course yes keto diet one of the most trending and quickest diet to lose weight. But very few people know that it is also very effective for gaining weight. Some people directly shift their diet from a normal diet to keto diet to gain weight.  Here are some facts and tips to educate you about how to use a keto diet for gaining weight.

Keto Diet:

The ketogenic diet is also known as the low carbohydrate diet. In this diet, the number of carbohydrates you intake will become minimal and the number of fats you will intake will become high.

This is also known as the low-carbohydrates, medium protein, and high fats diet. In this diet, the intake of carbohydrates should be 5% and proteins should be 25% and fats should be 70%.

Gaining Weight On Keto Diet

Eat Healthily:

Most of the people say that gaining weight is so easy than losing weight. You can eat junk food and gain weight within a month but eating healthy is the must. You can eat everything you want to but remember it is never good for your health until and unless you follow a proper diet to gain weight.

Here are some of the keto friendly foods for you which will help you in gaining weight as quick as possible.

  1. Red Meat:

Red meat is rich in nutrients and should play a prominent role in your diet if you are willing to gain weight. You can eat bacon, beef, chicken, lamb, sausage, steak, pork.

  1. Fish:

Fish are rich in omega-3 and they are energy dense food. They contain more fats and are oily varients.  Fishes which are recommended for you during keto diet are mahi-mahi, mackerel, anchovies, salmon, trout, sardines these fishes contain lowest mercury level comparable to other commercial fish.

Gaining Weight On Keto Diet

  1. Dairy Products:

Dairy products are rich in fats and also energy dense. Milk, curd, butter, ghee, paneer, cheese, yogurt are some of the foods which will help you to gain weight quickly.

  1. Oils and Eggs:

Eggs are rich in high fat, protein, and micronutrient content and they are good for every diet you follow. Oils are the source of wide range fats added to your body.

Boiled, fried, poached, scrambled, steamed, omelets each type of eggs are good for you. Avocado oil, coconut, olive, almonds, cashews, macadamia, pecans, walnuts oils will go well with your diet.

  1. Vegetables And Fruits:

Fruits contain sweet and sugar so avoiding sweets will be a good option to follow when you are on a keto diet. Still, berries can be consumed except strawberries, apples, bananas.

Eating green vegetables and leafy vegetables are really good for your health. You can add spinach, garlic, to your diet. Vegetables like potatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, root vegetables are to be strictly avoided as they contain carbs in it.


Here are some of the food which you can eat during your keto diet to gain weight. Always keep a note on your diet. Use a keto calculator to keep an eye on how much calories you eat on a daily basis. This will help you to watch your process and to maintain a good process.

Gaining Weight On Keto Diet

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Gaining Weight On Keto Diet
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