Facial Hair Removal Methods

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Hair growing on the face can be very troublesome, it can completely change the way you look. Many women suffer from hair growing on their face mostly above the upper lips and sideburns. Women get hair on their face due to too many reasons, some of the most common reasons are genetics and hormonal changes.

To get rid of the facial hair, many women visit the salon very often and this cost them both time and money. There are certain methods which can help you in removing hair from your face effectively. These methods are pocket-friendly and less time consuming, these methods will prevent your hair to grow back for months.


One of the fastest and easiest ways of getting rid of the facial hair is shaving, you can do it at home every day. You can use either disposal shaver or electric shaver, both of these shavers have a built-in blade, which makes hair removing very easy.

But you will not get a permanent result from shaving, however, your face will remain hair free for a few days. However, when the hair grows back on your face, you can re shave it, for effective result apply a shaving cream.

You can use shaver for removing hair from:

  • Chin
  • Eyebrows
  • Upper lips
  • Sideburns

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Waxing is a very famous hair removal process, you can do it at home or a salon. However, waxing is known for being very painful, thus use a soft wax for the face. You will find two types of waxing kits, one is a wax strip and the other is the wax that melts. Before you use wax, do a patch test, to see if there is an allergic reaction. By following the steps mentioned below, you can remove facial hair:

  • Wash your face and hand.
  • Stretch your skin and apply wax.
  • Slowly take off the strip.
  • Once you are done, use baby oil to get rid of the leftover wax.

Waxing can be very painful and can cause acne and ingrown hairs to develop.


One of the most effective and cheapest ways of removing facial hair is tweezing, it is mostly used for shaping eyebrows. In this process you pull out the hair from the roots, this is entirely different from shaving. The result you will get from it will last more than shaving, however, it can be a little painful. Follow the following steps to get rid of the facial hair, with the help of tweezer:

  • Soften your face by wiping it with a warm cloth.
  • Separate the hair you want to remove.
  • Stretch your skin and pluck your hair out, one hair at a time.
  • Pull the hair out in the direction of its growth.

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Threading can be very helpful in removing facial hair, you just require one thread for this method. You just require to twist and pull the hair with the help of thread. The result you will receive from threading will last more than shaving and tweezing.


Facial hair can be very troublesome for any women, but by following the tips mentioned above you can get rid of it.

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