Get Rid Of Skin Tags Naturally

A skin tag is one of the most common problems faced by the world. They can occur anywhere on the body at any time. The skin tags on general are small lesions formed on the skin surface. Although researchers don’t seem to know the definitive cause for these tags, they could have an idea of it.  

What Are Skin Tags?

The skin tags have different names such as a fibroepithelial polyp, acrochordons, fibromas, etc. these skin tags can be easily diagnosed with a naked eye. Skin tags are small skin growths on the body. These tags are a look-alike of drops. They usually feel soft and lumpy. Their sizes range from two millimeters up to a few centimeters. These drop like structures hangs from the skin with the help of a stalk or a peduncle. The skin tags are made of collagen fibers as well as blood vessels but do not contain any nerve cells or fat cells, therefore preventing them from having any sensations. At the top, they are covered with the dermis. Skin tags have a very natural or neutral color.  

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Can They Prove To Be Harmful?

Skin tags have a very dormant nature, which means that they mostly go unnoticed, and are harmless on the large. Even though they are a type of lump formed on the skin, they are completely benign. Most of the times, these skin tags do not cause any pain or have any sensations.  

Being said that, there are exceptional cases where the skin tags can be symptoms or signs of some clinical issues. Such as:  

  • Diabetes: In type 2 diabetes there is an insufficient amount of insulin in the body. This causes the skin to thicken. Thick skin, in turn, causes friction, therefore causing skin tags. 
  • Hypothyroidism: a few nodules, that look like skin tags start growing on the skin. These nodules start small, and then gradually grow to be big lumps. This growth is very fast. Therefore this might be a sign for hypothyroidism. 
  • Basal cell nevus: this condition is a genetic skin disease. Here the skin produces small lumps of extra skin that look very much like skin tags. If you have a history of basal cell nevus in your family, then you must get your skin tags checked by a dermatologist.  

There are other abnormal behaviors of the skin tags that can be problematic. These problems should also be shown to your doctor.  

  • The sudden or fast growth of skin tags (normal skin tags have a growth that is very slow.) 
  • Bleeding of skin tags: Skin tags do not bleed without an external force on a normal basis.  
  • A sudden change in color of the skin tags can also be an issue. (the skin tags do not change colors for many years.) 

What causes skin tags:  

Our skin is very flexible, as well as stretchable. Therefore the skin forms creases and wrinkles in places where it bends, such as the joints. These creases, create friction within themselves due to the constant movements. This friction causes all skin tags.  

Some people are more prone to skin tags than others. Diabetes people are prone to skin tags because they have thicker skin, resulting in increased skin friction. Pregnant women tend to gain weight during pregnancy, the chub rub causes skin tags. People who are above the age of 60 are also prone to skin tags because of wrinkled skin. Likewise, people suffering from obesity also tend o have more skin tags, due to excess friction of the skin.  

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Removal Of Skin Tags:

Even though harmless, skin tags can sometimes be very uncomfortable. They are sometimes itchy or irritating. Skin tags also tend to bleed if they come under jewelry or tight clothing. For many people, skin tags might occur ion their eyelids, which can be very irritating and can also obstruct their sight. A lot of time, people do not like the way the skin tags look on them. All these reasons push people toward getting rid of these skin tags.  

Since the skin tags are an only small ball of mass, it is very easy to get rid of them. Not only is it easy, but also many methods are available to get rid of these tags.  

Such as: 

  • Home hacks to remove skin tags. 
  • Doctors and surgeries that help to remove the skin tags. 
  • Essential oils for skin tags. 

Home Hacks: 

Sometimes people choose the most convenient method to solve their problems. But these methods are not necessarily safe or profitable. There are different things that people suggest to try. Such as: 

  • Cutting off the skin tags with a sharp instrument. 
  • Burning the skin tags. 
  • Freezing the skin tag, and then plucking it. 
  • Some even tie these skin tags to stop the blood flow of the skin tags. The skin tags decay and then fall off.  

Although these methods are very convenient, they are capable of giving you major troubles. All these methods can end up being very infectious. If not done very carefully, they can harm the skin surrounding the skin tags. Avoiding these methods will only be fruitful for you.  

Doctors and Surgeries.  

The doctors perform different procedures like cauterization, cryotherapy, surgeries to get rid of these skin tags. They are one of the very safe methods to get rid of skin tags. Although these methods can be a lot of hectic work. You would have to go for appointments. Spend a lot of money and time on these surgeries.  

Essential Oils For Skin Tags  

Instead, you could use a method that is safe as well as saves time and money. There are a few essential oils for skin tags that have astringent properties. Th3ese astringent properties dry the skin tags and decay it. The skin tags then fall off. Since these oils are natural extracts, they will have a very low risk of side effects and allergies.  

  • Take a cotton pad and put a few drops of one of these essential oils on the pad. 
  • Then keep it over the skin tag/s.  
  • Secure it with a band-aid. 
  • Leave the cotton pad for 15-20 minute and then remove it.  
  • It will take two to three weeks to get rid of these skin tags if the oil is used regularly. 

The oils are: 

  • Frankincense oil. 
  • Tea tree oil. 
  • Lavender essential oil.  
  • Oregano essential oil. 
  • Lemon extract oil. 
  • Rosemary essential oil. 
  • Sweet basil essential oil. 

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Essential Oils For Skin Tags - Best Seller Of The Week -

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