Are Essential Oils Good For Dogs?

We all know the benefits of essential oils and how effective they are to treat ailments. They are very safe and natural as they are extracted directly from the plants. Essential oils have ample of medicinal properties and use. But can you use essential oils for your pets or dogs? How safe is it for them?

The knowledge about which essential oils are safe and which oils are harmful will help you. This will really change your perception of the use of essential oils for dogs. To reap out the perks of using essential oils for your dog read the full article.

Benefits And Uses Of Essential Oils For Dogs:

Some essential oils are proved to be safe for dog health. They can be useful to get rid of small problems suffered by dogs. Here are some very impressive benefits of essential oils that are deemed to be useful by experts for your dog:

Lavender Oil-

This essential oil is very commonly used to treat a lot of problems. It is not only useful for humans but for dogs too. This oil is rich in antioxidants which can treat dog wounds or itching issues. Lavender oil has great moisturizing abilities.

Though it is recommended to not directly apply any oil on the fur or skin of your dog. Mixing it with a suited secondary oil can be helpful. Due to its strong aroma, it has calming effects as well. Using lavender oil in a diffuser can help your dog get rid of anxiety and sleep issues. It is recommended to do so at night before sleeping.

Peppermint Oil-

This oil is popular to have numerous health benefits. Peppermint oil has great antibacterial properties due to which it is used as a flea-repellant in dogs. Its refreshing aroma can also solve issues like anxiety. This oil is present in a lot of dog shampoos. Using such shampoos containing peppermint oil can help your dog get rid of fleas.

Chamomile Oil-

This roman essential oil is rich in anti-inflammatory properties. Due to which it can treat various skin problems. The scent of this oil is believed to calming effects. This can help calm down a stressed out dog. A lot of sprays are available in the market which contains chamomile oil. Thought it is recommended not to use any spray directly on the dog. Especially on eyes and mouth.

Cedarwood Oil-

It is a natural pest repellent. This oil has a lot of antibacterial properties. Thus it is used for dogs as an antiseptic to treat problems like dandruff, hair growth issues, and cough.

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 Few Precautions One Must Consider Before Using Essential Oils for Dogs:

  1. While using essential oils as inhalers in dogs, one must not force your dog to inhale it. You should give them the freedom to smell the oils. Let them take their own time to get comfortable with it.
  2. Avoid using essential oils directly on the skin or fur. Few oils are very strong effects and it might suit your dog. Mixing it with some dog skin-friendly oils for your furry can be beneficial.
  3. Use a diffuser. It’s the best way to make your dog get used to it.


These are various essential which can be useful for your dogs. Also, they are very safe and natural remedies to get rid of the issues faced by your dog. Consulting a vet or using over the counter products can be quite expensive at times and also time-consuming. Having the right knowledge regarding what is good and bad for your pet can make a difference.


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