Essential Oils – Benefits and Uses

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What Is The Secret Of Essential Oils? 

Today the worth of essential oils has increased to a great extent. What do you think do really essential oils are that useful? And yes, then how? Let’s learn about the various benefits that these essential oils provide us. 

What Are Essential Oils? 

Essential Oils are extracted from the parts of the plant like roots, bark, leaves, stem, flowers, etc. These are also called as the essence of the plant as they carry the odor and properties with it. Also, they are highly concentrated and has varied benefits to the skin, hair as well as health. Not only, it is famous in the beauty industry but also it has gained importance in the medicinal industry. Each essential oil is having differed properties that makes it special to solve even the hardest problem in a simpler way. Let’s learn about the benefits. 

What Are Other Benefits Of Essential Oils? 

Boosts Energy Levels 

There are several essential oils that have refreshing properties that are useful for even athletes. These essential oils help to increase the oxygen level in your body, especially in the brain. They also help you stay focused, energized and refreshed for the entire day. Oils like peppermint oil are found to be having such effects and are used by athletes at large. 

Balance Hormones 

It is been found through several studies and research that some essential oils have an effect on the secretion of hormones in the body. For women, who are undergoing the problem of infertility, PCOS, PMS, and menopause, these oils are helpful for them. It solves the problem of infertility and increases the level of estrogen and progesterone in the body. For men, it helps to increase their testosterone levels which improve the problem of libido. The secretion of the stress hormone cortisol is also reduced which makes you feel energized, boosted and stress-free. 

Supports Digestion 

Oils like peppermint, fennel, lemongrass, marjoram, and ginger are proven eminent for the problems occurring in the digestion process. It helps to curb all gastrointestinal disorders even the problem of IBS. The oils help to release gas and curbs all the nauseous conditions. Problems like constipation, stomach ulcers, indigestion, etc. are all solved by these essential oils. 

Improves Brain Function and fights Infection 

Essential oils are having such powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that improve the brain condition by boosting the focus and memory levels. These oils are thus proven as a treatment for the people suffering from Alzheimer’s. They also help them to memorize by boosting their concentration levels and breaking the nerve blocking the memory. Because of its powerful antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties, it also improves the immune system. 

Attenuate Aches and Pain 

Oils like eucalyptus, marjoram, rosemary, chamomile, thyme, etc. are used for relieving muscle pains and aches. There are also many studies that have proven in reducing all types of pains and aches. Stomach aches, neck pain, joint pain, etc. is relieved by using these oils topically or aromatically. 

Improves Skin and Hair Condition 

Essential oils are proved excellent for the skin as it solves all the skin problems. Oils like tea tree oil, argan oil, etc. are used for reducing acne, oil secretion, scars, fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and bruises. They also render healing of the skin leaving it with even tone, hydrated, soft, moisturized and refreshed. It is also used to treat Eczema since ancient times. 

For hair, it helps to trigger hair growth and nourishing the scalp from within. It also helps to have a long, thick and shiny hair that you can carry all day long. For people who are tired of their bald heads can have benefited from these oils. 

There are many other uses that are provided by these essential oils that are mentioned below. 

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What Are The Other Uses Of Essential Oils? 

  • The essential oils are used as homemade cosmetics and the natural scent that it provides is used to freshen the air in the house aromatically. 
  • They are also used to freshen the laundry. 
  • These oils are proved to be an excellent insect repellent. Oils like citronella, protect from mosquito bites and helps to heal the bites if any. 

Thus, these wonderful oils have so many uses that should be benefitted by everyone. 


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