Rosemary is known to be extremely beneficial for increasing the memory. It has been used since ancient times for improving memory and cognition. Almost every human at some stage suffers from weak cognitive health. Many people even struggle from remembering the basic and simple things like where are the car keys, phones, they forget the time, unable to remember what they have studied and many more.  

Most people suffer from bad cognitive health, due to aging and some have it genetically. Having a bad cognitive health can make your life very hard, thus you must try to fix it as soon as possible. Rosemary can help you in improving cognitive health and it also has numerous other health benefits. Here in this post, we will see if rosemary can really improve the cognitive health or not. 

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Cognitive Benefits Of Rosemary - Best Seller Of The Week -

What Is Rosemary? 

Rosemary is a herb from the mint family of plants, it leaves are like needles, its native place in Asia. But it is also found in some region of USA after you plant this herb it keeps on going every year and when it blames, its flowers appear white, pink, purple or deep blue. 

This plant is also used in certain foods as a spice like, stew, meat, chicken, soups, fish and some other dishes. Rosemary is also used to make certain products like perfume, shampoo, soap, and conditioner. 

Rosemary As A Cognitive Enhancer? 

There is certain research done in the past to proves the effectiveness of rosemary on cognitive health. There was one experiment conducted on the group of people who were around 28 or more and they were on a low dose of dried rosemary powder. And after the experiment, they found out that people who were on a low dose of rosemary have a significant improvement in their memory speed. 

There was also a study performed on the mice and rats, to see the benefits on the memory. However, those studies were never conducted on a human to see if it has the same effect on human as mice and rats. 

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Cognitive Benefits Of Rosemary - Best Seller Of The Week -

Rosemary Essential Oil 

It is not necessary to consume rosemary to improve your cognitive health. Rosemary can improve your cognitive health by just spraying it around the room. It has been proven by some studies, there was an experiment conducted on 53 student age between 13 to 15-year-old. During studies, they have found out that their images and numbers memory improved were enhanced, after spreading the rosemary oil in the room. 

Rosemary Aroma 

According to one research rosemary aroma can be very beneficial in improving memory and cognitive health. Its aroma improves the visual memory, this also helps in improving their task performance. 


For some people, rosemary has been effective in improving memory and cognitive health. rosemary contains antioxidant properties, which makes it very beneficial for health, it can help in healing our body.  

According to the University of Maryland Medical Centre rosemary, rosemary has properties to reduce anxiety, this helps in improving concentration. However, more study required to confirm, if rosemary can improve cognitive health. 

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 Cognitive Benefits Of Rosemary - Best Seller Of The Week -

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