Men of all age suffer from poor sexual health and there could be various reasons behind it. Most men hesitate to discuss their sexual health issues with their doctor and partner. Thus, they are not able to treat their sexual health.  

Now there are many options present out in the market which can help you in overcoming your sexual health Issues. But before you decide to treat your sexual dysfunction, you need to know how it occurs. 

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What Are The Causes For Poor Sexual Health? 

The reason for sexual dysfunction has been categorized into two parts physical and psychological problems. Both of these parts are discussed below in detail. 

Psychological reasons are: 

  •    Worried about sexual performance.
  •    Impact of sexual trauma from the past.
  •    Marriage and relationship issues.
  •    Work-related issues like stress and anxiety.
  •    Depression and guilty.

Physical reasons are: 

  •    Smoking.
  •    Medications of antidepressants, high blood pressure.
  •    Consumption of alcohol and implicit drug.
  •    Nerve damage from diabetes or surgery.
  •    Heart and vascular disease.
  •    Hormonal imbalance.
  •    Chronic disease such as kidney or liver failure.

These sexual problems can occur in both male and female. However, the most common sexual dysfunction among men is low sexual desire, erectile dysfunction and ejaculation disorders. 

How Does Poor Sexual Health Affect Men? 

Some of the most common issues which men face during bad sexual health are low sexual desire, erectile dysfunction and ejaculation disorders. These issues are discussed below: 

Low Sexual Desire 

Low sexual desire means a lack of interest in sex this condition caused by decreased in the production of testosterone level. It is a hormone which is responsible for increasing muscle mass, bone strength and density, sperm production and sex drive.  Another reason for low sexual desire could anxiety, depression and material and relationship issues. Certain medication like high blood pressure, diabetes and antidepressants can also lead to low libido. 

Erectile Dysfunction  

In this condition, men are unable to keep and get an erection during sexual activity. This condition is caused by the following reasons: 

  •    An unhealthy lifestyle like consuming alcohol, overeating, smoking and lack of exercise.
  •    Depression, marriage and relationship troubles, performance anxiety and stress.
  •    Injury to the penis
  •    Diabetes and high blood pressure.

These are the causes of erectile dysfunction. 

Ejaculation Disorders 

In men, there are three different types of ejaculation disorders. These types are premature ejaculation, retrograde ejaculation and inhibited or retarded ejaculation. All of these three types are discussed below: 

  •    InhibitedOrRetarded Ejaculation: This is when ejaculation takes a long time or sometimes it does not happen. 
  •    Retrograde Ejaculation: In this type during orgasm, ejaculation goes back into the bladder instead of coming out through the end of the penis.
  •   Premature Ejaculation: In this condition, ejaculation happens before or later after the penetration. 

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According to the research, bad sexual health is very common among 40% of American men who are above 40. Many sexual health problems are linked with the testosterone hormone. Men who have a low level of testosterone are more likely to experience poor sexual health. Thus, you must treat your testosterone deficiency if you want to eliminate your sexual health issues. 

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