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White and charming smile is what everyone is after. While we are in any social group we want ourselves to look presentable and teeth are the first thing to be noticed. So, for this, there are many methods that can give you your desired teeth tone. There are also many home treatments available like teeth whitening strips, gels, kits, pens, etc. but the safest option is teeth whitening powders. This is because other products have a high amount of hydrogen peroxide and this can derail your tooth health. Comparing with other products, teeth whitening powders are also easy to use.  

If you are looking for such teeth whitening products, then the best products are those that contain charcoal as an ingredient. Charcoal can erase all the coffee, wine and stains of other foods. So, for this, we did deep research and analysis of the teeth whitening products and we found that BLQ Bright Teeth Whitening has got some positive reviews by the people.   

This is a charcoal tooth whitening powder and it might help you to get rid of all the stains. This article will give you a detailed analysis of this product. 

What Is BLQ Bright Teeth Whitening? 

This charcoal teeth whitening powder promises to whiten your teeth within 7 days and it is also easy to carry anywhere. The application is also very simple and also it might have cleaning and polishing properties. This teeth whitening powder is found to be beneficial because it uses charcoal that is a cleansing agent used for years. It provides a 2x Action Formula that helps tooth discoloration and fights the buildup plaque over your tooth. It uses natural charcoal powder and mint extract that may give an instant whitening effect to your teeth.  

What Are The Benefits Of BLQ Bright Teeth Whitening? 

Discoloration of the tooth makes us feel embarrassed when we are in public. Everyone notices how we look and our overall presentation. This is when we also want to prove our personality and white teeth give you that charming personality. Many people noticed the benefits of this teeth whitening powder and shared their reviews over it. Let us look at them: 

Eliminates stubborn stains 

This whitening powder contains charcoal and mint extract that is claimed to be natural. So, it might help you get rid of your chocolate, coffee, wine, cigarettes, tea, soft drinks, etc. The powder should be applied over the tooth surface and then brushed thoroughly. This may give you a polished tooth surface as desired. 

Natural ingredients 

A complex system is used by these teeth whitening powder that contains nanoparticles that are natural. The charcoal is also processed and it undergoes a 5-step process before formulation. 

Whitens teeth instantly 

The nanoparticles present in this whitening powder combines with the charcoal and this may lift your tooth color. If you want to experience optimum benefits, then you need to wait for 4-6 weeks and use the gel once in every week. This may provide even polish and it might not be too aggressive to your teeth.  

Balances the PH level of your teeth 

It is very important to maintain the ph level of your mouth to keep your teeth healthy. The charcoal present in this whitening powder may help to balance the natural bacteria of your mouth.  

2x action formula 

This teeth whitening powder provides 2x action formula that might help you to treat discoloration as well as vanish the buildup plaque. The active mint extract of this whitening powder may help you to clean not only the stains but also freshen your breath in a tasty way. 

What Are The Ingredients Of BLQ Bright Teeth Whitening? 

This teeth whitening powder contains active ingredients like charcoal, 24k gold nanoparticles and mint extract that may help to whiten and brighten your teeth. The charcoal present in this product has been processed 5 times and then a quality check is performed. After this, the product is given for further circulation. 

Charcoal is regarded as the ancient cleanser which has outstanding cleansing properties and hence it is also used for many skin care products also. This whitening powder also uses this as an ingredient which might help to lift your tooth color and vanish all the stains over them. The mint extract gives the taste to the gel and it may freshen your breath.  

Where Can You Get BLQ Bright Teeth Whitening? 

BLQ Bright Teeth Whitening is available exclusively on its official site. The site describes the offers and discounts that are limited for a particular time. Sometimes, it does provide a risk-free trial so that you can know about the benefits of it. The official link address is provided below. So, click on the link to know more. 

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BLQ Bright Teeth Whitening - Reviews -

How Does BLQ Bright Teeth Whitening Work? 

‘Try it and then admire it’. 

We did a lot of research finding the product that can whiten teeth safely. Also, we went through the reviews given by people over teeth whitening products. Most of the people are turning towards teeth whitening powders and among which BLQ Bright Teeth Whitening might be a viable option we thought to go for. Many people shared their stories over this product and hence it might help you have a bright smile.  

Its 2x action formula fights with plaque buildup as well as tooth discoloration. The active ingredients provide a lot of benefits and you may experience the results within weeks of usage. It helps to freshen your mouth and provides a protective layer over your tooth so that the stains cannot affect it. It contains a small amount of hydrogen peroxide and mint extract that might improve your tooth color gradually. 

How To Use BLQ Bright Teeth Whitening? 

Over the other solutions, teeth whitening powders are considered more because of its easy application and low cost.  It takes just a couple of minutes for the results. All you need to do is: 

  • Instead of using toothpaste, get some powder over your brush.
  • Brush it in a circular motion for a few minutes.
  • Rinse your mouth with water.

Is BLQ Bright Teeth Whitening safe? 

As a consumer, if you ask this question then you are the one who ensures safety before buying. This is must that you ensure the safety of the product before using. Hence, we saw the composition of these teeth whitening powder and got to know that it does not contain any harmful substance that can endanger your health. It does contain hydrogen peroxide that is absolutely not good for your tooth health. Hydrogen peroxide is a major ingredient that fights tooth discoloration. This whitening gel contains a small amount of this solution and hence it should not be overused.  

Is BLQ Bright Teeth Whitening Worth? 

For having the right and effective thing in your pocket, we performed this research for teeth whitening products. Most of the people opt for teeth whitening powders. This is because it is easy to apply, and provides quick results in a cheap way. Rather than other costly and risky surgeries and treatments, this is a viable option to go for. BLQ Bright Teeth Whitening, among the teeth whitening powders, is worth because it has got good customer support. We don’t say it is the best product, there are many other powders that are also in competition with it. But it is the customer who claims so.  

There were also scams regarding it was shown on Shark Tank, but there wasn’t any proof that we found to be. This teeth whitening powder is available at numerous discounts and offers on its official website. There are also risk-free trials sometimes. So, try this pen right now! 

BLQ Bright Teeth Whitening - Reviews -

Other Techniques vs BLQ Bright Teeth Whitening

People chose to opt for many surgeries and treatments when it comes to teeth whitening. They waste all their money and time just to whiten their teeth. Why do this, while there are so many options for teeth whitening at home.  

Reasons for why teeth whitening powder: 

  • Surgeries and treatments are not only expensive but you need to visit your dentist within every stipulated time lapse whereas teeth whitening powder provide teeth whitening at home. 
  • While other surgeries have a risk of tooth damage in future, teeth whitening powder have a minimal amount of hydrogen peroxide is better for your teeth. 
  • People also opt for laser treatments to whiten their teeth which is the riskiest and dangerous thing to do whereas using powder has no risk. 

Thus, while we compare other methods and teeth whitening powders, powders are a viable option as none of the other techniques provide low cost, easy to apply, easy to carry and quick results. 


Does using teeth whitening pens damage my teeth? 

Teeth whitening products that have a minimal amount of hydrogen peroxide are safe for teeth. 

Can I use teeth whitening pens if I have cavity issues? 

If you have any teeth problems, you should first consult your dentist before using any teeth whitening product. 

Where To Buy BLQ Bright Teeth Whitening? 

This particular teeth whitening pens are available on the official website exclusively with varied offers and deals. Check on the link below for further details. 

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BLQ Bright Teeth Whitening - Reviews -



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