Best Whitening Treatment For Sensitive Teeth

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Want To Find A Relief For Your Sensitive Teeth?

Today, there are lots of options and methods available for teeth whitening, but what could be the best whitening treatment for sensitive teeth? How can I whiten my sensitive teeth carefully?  

It is obvious that if you are having sensitive teeth, then you need to take care of everything. Whether what treatment you are going for and which product you are using. Utmost care is to be taken because it can cause a hazardous effect on your teeth. 

This article exactly shows you the methods that are used when you have sensitive teeth and what method is best for teeth whitening when you have sensitive teeth. 

What Causes Yellow Teeth? 

Various kind of foods that we consume causes staining of tooth enamel. Excessive staining of enamel results into wearing of the tooth enamel. When this happens, the dentin that is lying under the enamel appears out. Dentin is a yellow, bony tissue that lies under tooth enamel.  

If you have sensitive teeth then you need to choose your products wisely. Also, make sure that even if you are going for any treatment, you tell your dentist about your sensitivity. 

Treatments For Sensitive Teeth 

For teeth whitening of your sensitive teeth, the best option is that you should consult your dentist and get the treatment done by him. As dentists can safely improve the color of your teeth with the tools and equipment he has.   

There are many home-treatments available too. You can have teeth whitening strips, pens and custom-fitted trays that can help your teeth discoloration. Also, there are mouthwashes and toothpaste available for teeth whitening. The ingredients in these products that offer teeth whitening are Hydrogen peroxide and Carbamide peroxide. These are the super duper ingredients that help to have your teeth whitening process easy and in an effective way. 

Let’s see each separately.   

Teeth Whitening Strips 

The strips contain the teeth mold that is filled with the peroxide bleaching gel. You get these from the market easily. But make sure that they are safe for your sensitive teeth.  

Teeth Whitening Swabs 

Teeth whitening swabs are also available that you need to apply on your teeth. A kit contains two different sets of swabs, one is Stain-out swab and the other is Whitening swab. 

Teeth Whitening Pens 

There are many teeth whitening pens that contain the whitening serum. You just need to press the pen to release the serum and gently with upward and downward direction, apply it on the front surface of your teeth. 

There are also other options, like gels and kits that have direct application on the teeth. But whatever method or product you use, first make sure that you know the ingredients that have no harm to your sensitive teeth. Then, consult your dentist before usage. This reduces the risk of safety. 

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Natural Methods Of Teeth Whitening Of Sensitive Teeth 

  1. Coconut Oil is proved to be the best for whitening treatment for sensitive teeth. Pull the coconut oil in your teeth and leave it for 15-20 minutes and get a brighter smile at home. 
  2. Apple Cider Vinegar has acetic acid that is known for its antibacterial properties. Excessive use of it can erode your tooth enamel. Hence, use only 2-3 times a week. 
  3. Baking soda is known for its whitening properties and used for beauty enhancement. Brushing a paste with baking soda and water will help you remove the surface stains making it brighter. 
  4. Fruit enzymes like malic acid found in strawberries and bromelain acid found in pineapples are eminent in improving the color of the teeth. 
  5. Using hydrogen peroxide with safety may also have effective results. But it is risky as excessive use can even erode the tooth enamel. 

Thus, the methods that are used naturally at home can result in good results and for people with sensitive teeth, that option is more preferable. 

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