Smile broadly till your teeth are available. You won’t get your teeth back once it is damaged. The hardest, as well as the strongest substance in the human body, is teeth. Minerals such as Calcium, proteins such as collagen makes your teeth. Teeth help in activities like chewing, eating, as well as speaking. 

Adults have 32 Permanent or secondary teeth which include: 

8 Incisors Teeth:

The middlemost teeth on upper and lower jaw. 

4 Canines Teeth:

The pointed teeth just near the incisors.  

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8 Molar Teeth:

These teeth are very helpful in grinding your food. This also includes 4 wisdom teeth which are also known as third molar teeth. 

These teeth are often surgically removed to prevent displacement of another teeth. 

8 Premolar Teeth:

These are teeth present between canines and molars. 

The teeth have erupted by about age of 13 except wisdom teeth which erupt by about age of 18. 

Children have just 20 teeth which are known as primary teeth or milk teeth. They include: 

  • 4 incisor teeth 
  • 2 canines and 
  • 4 molars.  

Basic Problems Caused In Teeth:  

There are so many problems your teeth face day by day.  

  • Toothaches: Toothaches have numerousreasonbehind it. It may be caused because of your weak tooth, food caught between teeth. If your tooth is aching during fever it might be a symptom of an abscess. 
  •  Stained Teeth: 70% of the world’s population faces this problem. Your teeth are like white cloth and foods you eat might stain your teeth. Beverages like red wine, coffee, tea can stain your teeth in long-term discoloration.
  • Cavities: These are little holes in your teeth which is really bad news for you. Bacterias like Plaque which is also known as sticky bacteria sticks to your teeth and slowly starts to destroy the enamel which is hard outer shell of the teeth.  

These are 3 major teeth problems faced by people. 

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Best Teeth Whitening Products:  


Brushing your teeth regularly with a good toothpaste removes anyway 30% to 50% of the stain. But these teeth whitening toothpaste will help you to remove 85%  to 90% of your stains. It is not so costly that you won’t be able to afford.  

Teeth Whitening Device:

This device is pretty convenient to use as well as it has a complete at-home device set. It helps your teeth get whiter 5 shades more. It won’t cause pain and it is easy to use. It can also be used on sensitive teeth.    

Teeth Whitening Pen:

It is one of the devices which will give a final touch up for your smile. These pens are thin, plastic tubes which are small enough to fit in your purse or pocket. It is flexible enough to clean all the stains which are pretty visible. 

Teeth Whitening Gel:

This gel is convenient to use and it will give you one shade extra white in just one week. It also helps to fight with cavities, protect your enamel, and protect your enamel from getting stained again.  

Teeth Whitening Strips:

Teeth whitening strips easy method of whitening your teeth. The result of this treatment is visible day by day. One strip is attached to your upper row and another one to the lower. The effect also varies from patient to patient depending upon the teeth discoloration. 

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Best Teeth Whitening Products - Best Seller Of The Week -

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