Define Your Eyes With The Perfect Eyelashes. 

In this metropolitan society, it is very important to look good and come off as a great personality.  To look good it is necessary to know the ongoing fashion and fads. With the increasing technology, it is necessary for the people to keep themselves updated with the advancements.  The advancements in the fashion and makeup industry have reached heights that will make people look flawless and perfect. 

Eyelashes work in a perfect manner to define your eyes and make them look bigger and prettier. There are different types of eyelashes available the main ones are the fake eyelash extension and the magnetic eyelashes. 

What Are Fake Eyelashes? 

Fake eyelashes are often used to enhance the length and thickness of natural eyelashes. They are also used to make your eyes look bigger and prominent. Fake eyelashes are of different types some of them are strip eyelashes, individual flare lashes, and single lashes.  

  • Strip lashes are often used by the beginners as they are easier to use than the other eyelashes. These lashes can be of any material. Some of the assumed materials are plastic, silk, mink, or even synthetic material is used. These lashes can be trimmed as per your convenience. 
  • Flare lashes are considered to be the traditional way of applying lashes. These lashes work best for any time or over any outfit. They work for parties as well as for work. Flare lashes are often found in knot free material. In this, the lashes are made out of some kind of synthetic material. In the knot style method, the human hair is used in the lashes. 
  • The main difference between the other two lashes and the single lash is that these are otherwise more sustainable and last for a long time. These eyelashes are often applied with the help of a professional. 

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Best Fake Eyelashes - Best Seller Of The Week -

Best Fake Eyelashes: How To Use Them? 

Using these eyelashes can become a little clumsy if you haven’t followed the proper instructions. First and foremost the person should understand what is their eye shape. There are multiple types of eye shapes that are different from each other. Therefore, using the right eyelash for your eyes is necessary to achieve a flawless look.  When you to start positioning your eyelash it is necessary to make sure that your eyelashes are clean and no mascara residue is left over it. Use a makeup brush or a tweezer to hold the eyelash. Put on some adhesive glue over the eyelash. 

After applying glue do not stick it right at that time. Wait for a few seconds and place it over the edge of the eyelid. Use the makeup brush to press on it a little bit and position it under the eyelash. Make sure that the eyelash is of the correct shape and if it is big, cut it from the bigger end and not the smaller end. Do not put on a lot of adhesives as it will only make the eyelash look messy and clumsy. Use a proper amount of glue and ensure the correct size of the eyelash in order to get a perfect flawless look. Do not go for the adhesive’s that promise a long-lasting effect, as they might irritate your eye.

Fake Eyelashes Vs Magnetic Eyelashes. 

Fake eyelashes are just extensions for your eyelash to make it look more prominent and give a good defining look to your eyes. These eyelashes are applied with the help of an adhesive. When you apply fake eyelashes make sure you do not use a lot of adhesives as they can get messy.  

Whereas magnetic eyelashes promise that they don’t stick out but they do tend to. In magnetic eyelashes, there are four magnets two one the upper and the lower one. These eyelashes can lead to the breaking of the natural ones hence fake eyelashes are far better than magnetic eyelashes. 

Best Fake Lashes: How To Clean Them. 

In order to clean the eyelashes try using a small cotton ball or a cue tip and apply the make up removal cream. Clean both the side of the eyelashes so that there are no traces of the glue left. 

What Are The Best Fake Lashes Available? 

Ardell  Multipack Demi Wispies Fake Eyelashes: These eyelashes come in a multipack. They are lightweight and quite cost-effective. These eyelashes come in a pack of four and are suitable for all eye shapes.  They are very easy to use and last for a longer time. 

The Huda Beauty:  If you are looking for lightweight eyelashes, these are perfect for you.  These eyelashes work just good for people who want to have a smokey eye look. With a bold eyeliner, these eyelashes will work just right for you. 

Lilly lashes: These eyelashes are of high quality and are considered to be very light and comfortable. Although, they are a little expensive they work best for people who want to use eyelashes for the whole day. 

Velour Lashes: These lashes are lightweight and comfortable as well. They are made of real silk. Their quality is phenomenal and is flexible to use. If you want to get that perfect cat-eyed look these eyelashes would perfect for you. These make your eyes look bigger and suit all eye shape. 

House of lashes: The hair used to make these eyelashes are 100% synthetic and are cruelty-free. It can be used by any eye shape as these eyelashes work perfect and are cost-effective as well. These eyelashes give you the perfect concert look and define your eyes. 


  1. Can these fake eyelashes cause a problem to your vision?
    These eyelashes do not cause any harm to your eyes and are 100% safe for use. Sometimes these eyelashes may cause irritation due to misalignment of it but it won’t cause any harm as such. 
  2. Do these eyelashes cause any irritation of lead to the breaking of the natural eyelashes?
    No, these eyelashes are often used with the help of an adhesive which can be removed with the help of a makeup remover. It does break the natural eyelashes look perfect and natural.  
  3. Will fake eyelashes work on water?
    It depends on the brand of the eyelash and the glue. If the glue is waterproof and can sustain in water the eyelash will remain perfect. 

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Best Fake Eyelashes - Best Seller Of The Week -

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