People who are obese faces a lot of social and health problems, and maintaining your weight is one of the most important ways to lead a healthy lifestyle. It offers various benefits, like increasing your energy levels and reduces the risk of chronic diseases.  

The best way to challenge yourself to lose weight is to put yourself into a fitness challenge. A fitness challenge will test your pain endurance levels and your muscular strength.  

Fitness Challenge Benefits:  

This fitness challenge will not only help you to lose weight and look good but will also help you in various other ways like:  

  • Help you set goals and achieve goals  
  • Builds self-confidence 
  • Reduces stress levels  
  • Keeps you in a good mood 

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  Best Exercises For 30-Day Fitness Challenge - Best Seller Of The Week -

Best Exercises:  

These are a few exercises which can be easily done at home and which will cause a huge difference if done regularly. Some of them are listed below:  


It is a simple yet effective exercise, which helps in building the core of the body. It requires no equipment and can be done anywhere.  


  1. Lie down on your stomach first and then lift your body with the toes on the floor and with your hands apart  
  2. Make sure that your whole body, especially neck, and the spine is straight.  
  3. Hold your body in that position for 30 seconds.  
  4. Increase the time limit every day and hold your breath.  

Push up 

Doing push-ups regularly gives various health benefits like it enhances your cardiovascular health and reduces lower back pain.  


  1. Lie down on your stomach.  
  2. Lift your body with the toes on the floor 
  3. Make sure your hands are in 90 degrees with the body  
  4. You will be in the plank position.  
  5. Lower your body and raise yourself using your arms.  

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Best Exercises For 30-Day Fitness Challenge - Best Seller Of The Week -


It helps in building your leg muscles and makes your lower body stronger. It also helps in burning all the extra fats from your lower body and building the strength of your overall body. 


  1. Stand with your feet just over the shoulder width apart.  
  2. Keep your back and your legs straight and don’t bend them.  
  3. Bend your lower body, to a 90-degree angle, without bending your back or legs.  
  4. Breathe in as you go down.   
  5. Slowly as you go back to your original position, breathe out.  
  6. Repeat the steps.  


It is a basic abdominal exercise which will help you to lose all the belly fat easily.  


  1. Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the ground.  
  2. Put your hands around your knees.  
  3. Pull your abdominals inward  
  4. Pull your body forward and go back to the same position.  
  5. Repeat this regularly.  


It is a full body exercise which is usually done to increase the overall pain endurance. This is an equipment-free exercise in 4 parts.  


  1. Start by warming up your body 
  2. Stand with your feet just over shoulder width apart.  
  3. Lower your body in the position of a squat  
  4. Kick your legs apart and set your body in a push-up position.   
  5. Do a quick push-up.  
  6. Get back on your feet.  
  7. Repeat the process.  

All these exercises are extremely easy and doing these regularly for 30 days, the body will become extremely fit. This will help you to stop words coming out of the mouth of others and leave it open in awe.

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Best Exercises For 30-Day Fitness Challenge - Best Seller Of The Week -


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