Petroleum jelly, multi-hydrocarbon or paraffin wax is a semi-solid mixture of hydrocarbons. These hydrocarbons are originally promoted as a topical ointment for it’s healing properties.  It is mainly used for medicinal as well as cosmetic purpose. Petroleum gel can be even used toenail fungus, genital rashes, nosebleeds, diaper rashes and chest cold.  

The “rod wax” which is raw material for petroleum jelly was discovered in 1856 in Titusville, Pennsylvania, United States.  Robert Chesebrough discovered that rod wax has some kind of healing power. He patented the process of making petroleum jelly in 1872. He opened his own factory in 1870 in Brooklyn. “Vaseline” is the name he gave for his factory. Robert claimed this petroleum jelly as a miracle product.  

Uses Of Petroleum Jelly: 

Petroleum jelly has so many versatile benefits and uses. As  I mentioned it has an amazing healing power. It helps with all beauty, skincare, and health care of you.  

Heal Minor Skin Scarps And Burns

Petroleum jelly helps to heal your less dramatic and minor skin scarps and burns. Make sure that you disinfectant your burn or wound before you apply petroleum jelly on your wound or burn.  

If there is any kind of bacteria or virus present in your wound might get trapped after applying Vaseline. This can slow the healing process and can also cause more pain. 

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Benefits Of Using Petroleum Jelly- Best Seller Of The Week -

Used As Moisturiser

It can be used as a wonderful moisturizer. It also helps to heal cracked feet and chapped lips. 

Using petroleum jelly on daily basis after the shower will help you to get rid of dry skin and it can be used by oily skin people. 

It can be used even when your suffering from cold and allergies. You can also use this for dry nose.  

Diaper Rashes

Petroleum jelly is not only used by adults but also it can be used for babies and infants. It is very effective for diaper rashes and burning caused by it. This helps to heal the rashes quickly. It helps as a protective barrier and keeps your skin moisturized.  

Makeup Remover

After reading this you won’t be spending so much money in your makeup remover. Petroleum jelly acts as a very good makeup remover. 

A Study on eye ultrasounds has proved that it is also safe to use in the eye. Make sure that you keep your eyes closed when you use this vaseline while removing makeup. 

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Benefits Of Using Petroleum Jelly- Best Seller Of The Week -

Prevent Split Ends

We all know that Petroleum jelly has amazing and effective benefits on skin. But very few people know that it also has very good effects on hair after using.  

It helps to reduce the look of split ends and help your hair to shine. Not only reducing the split ends but also it helps to protect your hair from the damage caused by sun and pollution.  

Petroleum jelly has so many benefits because of it’s emollient properties. These properties have the ability to help with skin healing. It is also used by 90% of the population because of its safety record.   

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Benefits Of Using Petroleum Jelly- Best Seller Of The Week -

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Benefits Of Using Petroleum Jelly