Cod Liver Oil: An Enemy Of diseases. 

Cod liver oil is one of the very common oils used for its benefits. It became very popular during the nineteenth century. Many people suffered from rickets, where children suffer from weak bones and bowed legs. The benefits of the cod liver oil range from bones to the heart. The people started noticing the effects of the cod liver oil on these children and started producing more and more of it. Cod liver oil can be produced in many forms. Such as the Moller Process, cold flotation process, pressure extraction, as well as the pressure cooking process.  

In the Moller process, the livers of the fishes are mixed with water. This mixture starts to form a slurry, which is then heated to simmer. Due to the heat, the oil oozes out of the liver and find its way above the water. The surfaced oil is the skimmed out of the container. But this oil is still contaminated to be used. After collecting the oil from the container, it is refined and packed. The cod liver oil is now ready to be used. This process was invented by Peter Moller in 1950, to provide easier and large scale way to manufacture the od liver oil. 

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Benefits Of Cod Liver Oil- Best Seller Of The Week -


The Benefits Of Cod Liver Oil:  

Cod liver oil is extracted from the livers of the Atlantic cod. The reason for a high spectrum of benefits of the cod oil is because of its contents. Unlike other fish oils, the cod liver oil contains a much higher percentage of vitamins A and D. Cod liver oil also contains approximately 20% of Omega-3 fatty acid content. As well as some amounts of good cholesterol. 

The various benefits gained from these nutrients are: 

  • Repairing wounds: applying cod liver oils mixed with other ointments can help accelerate the vascular and the epithelial components of healing. The healing could be caused due to the vitamin A content in the oil. 
  • Upper respiratory tract infections: doctors around the world have discovered that consuming cod liver oil for 4-5 months regularly could help with treating respiratory tract infections because of the vitamins available in them. 
  • Could help in reducing inflammations: inflammation is a reaction of the body when it fights infections and injuries. In some cases, one can suffer from chronic inflammation. The Omega-3 fatty acid content in the oil helps reduce the inflammation. Omega-3 suppresses the proteins that promote the inflammations. The two vitamins also contain anti-oxidants, which help in binding the harmful free radicals that cause inflammation. 
  • Improved bone health: people above the age of thirty start losing bone density with time. The older you get the weaker your bones get. These weak bones could lead to easy fractures later in life. Vitamin D contained in the oil helps your body absorbs more amount of calcium making your bones stronger. Therefore there is a lesser risk of fractures in later life. Vitamin D also helps in strengthening bones in children. 
  • Supports eye health: a large number of people around the world suffer from one or the other eye defects. There are many reasons why one can lose their vision, but the leading reasons are glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration(AMD). The Omega-3 fatty acid content and vitamin A have been known to protect the eye from diseases caused due to inflammation.  

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Benefits Of Cod Liver Oil- Best Seller Of The Week -

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