Skin is the largest organ of the body and it is important to have a proper skin care routine to have a healthy skin. There are a lot of ways your skin can get damaged. One of the main causes of skin damage is the damage caused by the sun. It is caused due to the UV rays emitted by the sun which causes heavy damage.  

There are various different types in which the sun damages the skin, some of them are: 

Skin Tanning: 

As much as tanned bodies look hot and gorgeous, tanning can seriously damage the skin, if exposed for a long period of time. It causes a lot of problems to your skin like it weakens your immune system over the time, causes sunburns etc.  

Skin Aging: 

When is skin is exposed to the sun for prolonged hours, it starts developing wrinkles and fine lines, thus causing skin aging. 

Skin Pigmentation: 

If exposed to the sun for an extended amount of time, your skin forms pigments. The pigmentation around the mouth and the skin area increases and exposure to the sun will enhance these areas.  

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What is tanning? 

Tanning is the process where your skin color becomes darker to due to exposure to the sun. The UV/A rays and the UV/B rays emitted by the sun is too harsh for the skin. The skin only requires a healthy amount on early morning sunlight where the levels of emission of UV rays are low. 

Also, the UV rays are emitted from the sun even if it is a cloudy day, so always wear a sunscreen and protect yourself. And tanning is not the only problem caused by the sun, this being the normal misconception among people. There are various other problems like aging, and severe skin pigmentation also caused by the sun. 

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Argan Oil for Tanned Skin 

Excessive tanning causes excessive sunburns, and red damaged skin. For acne-prone skin, tanning is even more dangerous as it can cause serious problems. Argan oil is natural and causes no side effects to your skin. That is why it is also called as liquid gold because it does wonders and reverses skin tans and increases the health of the skin. Some of the benefits of argan oil are: 

Argan oil has antioxidants which are a perfect de-tan product. Regular application of this oil will make your skin age slowly and make it more healthy. 

It also has anti-inflammatory properties which will reduce the redness and any other inflammation on your skin. So, applying a bit of Argan Oil on you inflamed areas can reverse that by repairing your skin and making it smooth. 

Argan oil also has lighting properties which will lighten your skin thus de tanning your face effectively. This property will also reduce skin pigmentation if you apply argan oil on specific pigmented areas of your skin. It also brings a fresh glow to your face after lightening your skin, giving you an even skin tone.  

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